pretty sholley trolley

Yes gals and guys the boot sale season is nearly upon us so i thought i would check out the latest must have kit, so that we are prepared for the coming season.  The first tool of trade that everyone should own is some kind of portable transport to carry all of your purchases back to the car in.

I am always on the look out for a nice design, but they are always so boring! At the moment I have a red and white Ikea one and that will do for now, but when that dies a death I am going to upcycle my mums old sholley trolley like the one above!

I did recycle a trolley years ago...have a look at it here


You will also need a hands free bag and this one above from Accessorize is a really good idea, as it will stop theives from going down your bag - another alternative is a good old cross body bag featured below...

One thing to remember is...don't go too posh with your bag, you are going to the bootfair, not to see the Queen! so by all means wear a nice bag, but a plain one, not a designer all singing all dancing one!...if you do, you will get targeted by the pick pockets (and there are alot of them at the bootfairs these days!) and also the price of the item that you wish to purchase cheaply will be hiked up too! (the stall holder will think you can afford it!)

A nice bootfair outfit for colder mornings


Remember that loose clothing is best...your comfiest jeans or joggers, a vest and a jumper for those cold dewy mornings and always be prepared for rain, so a waterproof lightweight jacket is also a good idea...You don't have to over dress or wear full make-up, you are going out into the fresh air at some silly o'clock time in the morning so just put some nivea and spend the little bit of time that you have making a flask of coffee to take with you.

Also a good idea is to not wear very bold colours that makes you stand out from the crowd,  because if people can see where you are and they like what you buy they will follow you around. So dressing in bright colours at the Boofair is the one exception where I would advise you not too!


I have ruined so many shoes in the past so my advice here is to wear wellington boots! Now I know this is not possible in the summer months, but when it is, wear them.  For the warmer weather, wear an old pair of comfy sandles, remember you will be walking a long way and there is nothing worse that having sore feet and still wanting to check out those bargains.

Other Stuff to Remember

These are the other things that I like to keep in the car when I go back to unload...

Snacks & a Flask of Coffee or Cold Drinks

Burger bars can be so expensive (I would rather spend my pennies on the bargains to be had)

Tissues, Wet Wipes and Lip Balm

These might be best kept in your bag too!...Especially if a trip to the disgusting toilet is called for!

Bubble Wrap and Newspaper

Perfect to wrap your delicates up in so that they don't get broken

And that's about it! I hope I have covered everything here for you and given you some good advice along the way!

Have you got any good ideas that you would like to share here...If so I would love to hear from you.

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