Budget Friendly Tricks to Make your Garden Pop

You probably would love to have a gorgeous garden that you can show off, spend time in, and be proud of. That being said, you may think that building a terrific, eye-catching landscape can be quite expensive. However, that is not necessarily true. With a lot of hard work, and a bit of creativity, you can create a fantastic visual that you will be delighted to show your friends!

Here are eight budget-friendly tips to beautify your Garden:

1.Paint your Older Patio Furniture

Your aged patio and porch furniture can get dingy and dirty sitting outside throughout the winter. You’ll want to re-paint your older furniture or re-purpose scrap wood or metal to create new benches and seating for your backyard. Try pastel colors or brighter hues to make your property look instantly more welcoming to visitors! See if you can match adjacent flowers in bloom!

2. Plant a Variety of Colorful Flowers

When you want to perform a total landscaping overhaul on a reasonable budget, flowers are definitely a great place to start. They add an ideal and natural pop of color to your landscape. You can always go down to a local nursery to find your favorite blossoms, seedlings, or bulbs. You can also plant rose bulbs or hydrangea bushes along your fence to give your property a garden-like feel. By pruning these bushes to give them shape, you are also adding beauty to them and encouraging their growth throughout the season.

Another idea is growing plants and flowers from cuttings of other plants that you may have admired in your friends’ or neighbors’ gardens. Most foliage, including butterfly bushes and succulents, grow very well from small clippings. These bushes will dramatically add flair to the exterior of your home!

Pretty Grey Garden Shed

Pretty Grey Garden Shed

Perennials like these return annually even after being planted only one time. These are budget-friendly plants and flowers because they will reappear on their own without any assistance. While they may cost more upfront (if store-bought), they will pay for themselves over the years as they bloom over and over. Other great perennials to consider include Sage, Veronica, Allium, Coneflower, Baptista, Kangaroo Paw, Astilbe, and Buddleia.

You can also sprinkle in a bit of annuals such as geraniums, petunias, and pansies to inject richer tones into your landscape. They usually bloom quickly, giving your dull plot of land a delightful makeover in no time flat.

3. Eliminate Weeds Effectively

By keeping weeds at bay, you are preventing your gardens and flowerbeds from appearing unkempt and out of sorts. While weeding can be annoying and tedious, it is a necessary part of lawn care that you must undertake to keep your backyard looking pristine.

A good trick for keeping weeds from sprouting up between cracks in the sidewalk is to use concrete crack filler where you know they have appeared before. This is also effective if used in moderation in the garden.

4. Use Unexpected Materials to Accent your Property

Old copper scraps, corrugated steel, wood pieces, and found vintage objects can be used on your property in creative ways to make an artsy garden. You can add these unique pieces to your patio wall or fence for added flavor.

Gravel is another cool material to work with and it is also seriously inexpensive. You can add the material in spots where plants are not likely to grow, or you can use it as a filler-in in areas where puddling can be an issue. It adds a modern, technical look to an otherwise barren landscape.

Another cool idea is creating pinecone bedding around trees and bushes, rather than using mulch. Not only is the material free, but the look is attractive and woodsy.

A happy Gardener

I love Gerberas

5. Edge your Lawns Expertly

Lawn edging is possibly the simplest change you can institute to your landscape that will have the most dramatic results. It certainly is not an easy lawn care task, however, and requires practice and care.

If you have a crisp edge between your gardens, flowerbeds and general land, you will have an overall clean and tidy appearance, gaining curb appeal. It shows clear definition and each section of the property will pop out to the onlooker in its own way. A good edging job also prevents weeds from crossing into an area where they are not welcome, like around a bush, or in a vegetable patch.

For professional-looking lawn edging, you can dig a thin trench, though many prefer to add physical boundaries such as stone, pavers’ edging, or brick, which prevent soil from repeatedly washing back into the original trenches with each rainstorm.

6. Create a Stone Path

You can create a cool and stylish path using stepping stones as a great way to accent your property. The path can be used two-fold – it can draw eyeballs away from parts of your back garden that you’d rather keep hidden and it can also be used to jazz up areas that are a bit mundane.

You don’t have to stick with stones, either. Try materials like bricks and mulch to make a decorative pathway from your back door to your pool or your children’s play area.

You can even add some special flair with glow-in-the-dark paint placed on garden stakes or rocks and pebbles to light the way at night. Looking for a different type of light? Try using a tin can, a PVC pipe, a candle from the pound store and a cheap vase to create mini torches to dot your path!

7. Try Homemade Planters

You probably already have everything you need inside your house to use as makeshift planters for growing flowers or vegetables in your backyard. You don’t have to worry about buying fancy pots or planters from the gardening store. You can use barrels, wine crates, old pallets, cinder blocks, or even old tires, if you are creative enough. They all make original flower boxes that you won’t find in any store, or in anyone else’s garden, for that matter.

You can cluster your makeshift planters at different heights and in different formations to add dimension and depth to your display. You can even try to expand your potted garden vertically rather than horizontally by drilling wooden or plastic pots or planter boxes into a wooden pallet and leaning it against the fence.

Another landscaping option is hanging planters. They work well filling in a bare back garden that is mostly free of trees. They also catch your line of sight and distract you from a garden that may need some extra-special attention. They are convenient, too, because you can purchase them pre-planted in pots at your local retailer or garden center.

8. Add a Fountain

Is your property kind of small and lacking in distinct character? Do you know how to add some style in a flash without spending tons of money? Try adding a small fountain!

Fountains do not cost much and can make an otherwise dull property look elegant and sophisticated. Placing one in a front yard seriously adds curb appeal. They don’t have to take up much space and can add flavor to a corner garden or class to an enclosed patio. They are also relaxing to sit by with a good book on a warm summer’s day.

In conclusion, you should be able to use these landscaping concepts to revamp your tired back garden and add curb appeal to your front garden without breaking the bank. Once you’re done, decorating will be a soothing and gorgeous place for you to unwind and enjoy nature.



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