Please Vote for Happy Loves Rosie in the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2018

Amara Interior Blog Awards vote for happy Loves Rosie

Hi there…My Name is Bella and I am Happy’s best friend…I have just popped on her blog quickly to announce that my Mummy has been nominated for The AMARA Best Interior Lifestyle Blog!Yay Woof!…It happened a few weeks ago but she hasn’t had the time to let you all know and now there is only about 10 days left to get your votes in!

I would be so pleased if you could do this for her, as she always gives me cuddles and lots of tickles…and I only have to give her a high five!…and she treats me! Most of the time, I trample all over her plants in the garden…(I am guarding my territory you see)! But she still loves me, so I think she is very worthy of your vote Woof Woof!In the First Amara Interior Blog Awards she was shortlisted in the Best Colour Inspiration Blog section and I heard her the other day saying how honoured she was to of been nominated again but didn’t think she would make it to the shortlist again!

So Woof Woof Woof (Please Please Please) Vote for my lovely Mummy will you…It will make Her and all her family so happy! xx

Please VOTE HERE or on the side panel and if you want to find out about Happy and her Blog please read the About Me section above…

Love Bella

Happy’s Cavachon Beauty! WooF xx


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