Sprucing Up Your Bedroom on a Budget


Sprucing Up Your Bedroom on a Budget

Redecorating can be preposterously expensive. Especially if you want new furniture and appliances on top of a coat of paint and some new accessories. This budget tends to go on those rooms that get seen by outsiders, or where our families spend most of their time. It somehow seems more acceptable to spend a fortune on the kitchen or lounge, but not on your bedroom, because no one else spends any time in there.

Most families today have a pretty tight budget. Luxuries like holidays, new clothes and redecoration have to be saved for and taken sparingly. If your budget won’t stretch to a whole new bedroom, but you are bored of waking up to the same view every morning, there’s plenty of ways to give your bedroom a spruce on a budget.

Change Your Bedding


Your bed should be the primary focus of your bedroom. It should welcome you in and draw your attention. It’s the most important part of your bedroom after all, and as soon as you see it, you should start to feel ready to go to sleep. Just looking at your bed should help you to relax and unwind. So, your bedding is important.

Most of us have a couple of sets that we wash and rotate. You might have had your current bedding for years. Perhaps since you first chose the colour scheme for your room. If you want to make a significant impact without spending a lot or having to do too much, this is the place to do it.

It’s true that bedding can be expensive. But, using DUNELM VOUCHER CODES means that you can get some fantastic and luxuriously comfortable bedding for a fraction of the usual price.

Add Some Artwork


Artwork is another thing that can be expensive but doesn’t have to be. You can frame posters, cutouts from magazines, photographs, wallpaper samples, gift wrap, adverts and even your kids’ drawings. Buy cheap frames and paint or accessorize them yourself for a cool and original gallery wall.


One fantastic way to spruce up your bedroom on a budget is taking things out. Get rid of any clutter and take away any furniture that you don’t use. Taking things out of your bedroom can open up the space, giving focus to what’s left. It also gives you a great chance to give your room a thorough clean and maybe to paint your walls.

Add Lighting Options


Lighting is crucial to atmosphere. A bright overhead light might be just what you need to wake you up on a cold winter’s morning. But, it won’t help you to relax when you are reading in bed at night or help you to set a romantic tone. Having different lighting options is an easy way to make the whole room look and feel different. Add some lamps, candles, string lights or lanterns. If you’ve already got plenty of lighting, move it around or change your lampshades for a quick and easy change.

Add Some Plants

You can pick plants and pots up really cheaply, and things like succulents take very little looking after. They can make your room look trendy and alive while also improving the air quality.


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