How to Add Value to Your Property

How to Add Value to Your Property
When you are selling your home, you might find that you were expecting to get a little more than what the value has been set at. The value of your home can get lower over time based on the fact that you have been living in it as well as the current market. The good news is that you don’t need to stick with the value that it is currently set at – you can add some value of your own. If you aren’t sure how to do this then you should keep reading to find out some ways that you can add value to your home.

Convert Your Garage
Many people have garages, but they rarely use them because they’d rather park in their driveway or in the street. For this reason, they are often used a storage space and can end up being full of things that should have been really thrown out rather than stored. If you have a garage and you want to add value to your home, then you should consider converting it into a spare room. This can work really well as you can add an extra bedroom or even another living room to your property. Before you get started on a project like this, you should consider any sort of planning permission that you might need but it really shouldn’t be an issue. Some home valuers actually believe that converting your garage into a living space could add as much as 15% of value to your home!
Create a Good First Impression
Another great way that you can add value to your property is to change the way that the front of your home looks. When people come to value or to view your home, they will be getting a first impression of some sort and you want this to be a good one. This step is really easy to do as all you need to do is clean up a bit and invest in a new front door. If you can’t afford a new front door then add some paint or varnish to your existing one. You just need to update how it looks and you’ll be able to add some more value to your home. You should also consider adding some outdoor lighting that will light up your front door and the area as this can also add an element of security.
Convert Your Shed
Garden sheds are being used all over the country to increase the value of people’s homes. Although your average garden shed that you use for storage isn’t going to cut it, you can easily convert your shed and add some value. Sheds can be transformed into many different things such as outdoor gyms, bars or even art studios. Think about all of the things that you could use the extra space in your shed for. Not only can you benefit from this extra room, but you can also encourage buyers to invest more in your property due to this added benefit. Make sure to only renovate a shed that is of good quality and to clean out your old one thoroughly before getting started for maximum effect. If you fancy investing in a new shed for this purpose, one website worth checking out is who have a great selection on offer.

Fix the Issues
Just because you have done a good job of covering up the issues when the buyers come around doesn’t mean that they are not affecting the value of your home. If there are any issues with your property, then you need to get them fixed before you get it valued. Think about issues like damp, leaks or cracks which could cause major issues for the new buyer. If you are able to get these problems solved quickly and effectively, you will be able to see an added value to your home in the end. Take some time to walk around your home and take notes of everything that needs to be fixed. You should the prioritise tasks and get them fixed as soon as possible.

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