The Ultimate Guide to Bedroom Opulence


The Ultimate Guide to Bedroom Opulence

Do you struggle to know what to do in your bedroom? You know what you like when you go to stay in a friend’s beautiful guest room, or you come home from a boutique hotel, but transferring that into your bedroom seems impossible. You would need an interior designer and a cleaner to make your room look as good as that! Well, that isn’t true. It can be hard to see through the current layout of your bedroom, especially if like many of us you have been neglecting it, but every single bedroom has the potential to be beautiful. So we are going to give you the ultimate guide to creating bedroom opulence.

The first thing you need to do is sort out the walls…opt for a nice neutral colour. White is beautiful and fresh but a soft grey or a delicate beige is supposed to be the best colour for a bedroom as it gives you the fresh, clean feeling of white but with a warm tone that makes you feel you are enveloped in luxury.  Well that is what the books tell you anyway…personally I do like white on the walls, as I feel it is like a canvas, which is good for adding any style you like to it…and the opulence look really does work well. It is also worth having a feature wall which is one tone darker, A subtle difference but one which can be noticed….or like the picture above, bare brick walls and shabby furniture works brilliantly together, but would also look just as good with rococo bedding, linen sheets and gold chandeliers.

Next, you need to get to grips with your bed. Start with plump bedding. If you think about a hotel bed, then you will almost always imagine fluffy and pale sheets. You need to opt for a high thread count of something like Egyptian cotton or linen and ditch the duvet; you won’t need that when you have added a heavy throw and some cushions. You should always dress the bed, turn it down first thing and then after breakfast, make it up entirely. You want to know that every time you walk into your room, it is going to look stunning and encourage you to relax! I personally love the feel of linen sheets on my bed, but then I don’t mind that earthy look…for some it might be a bit too messy looking, but the feel of linen sheets beats that any day!

Most hotels or royal bedrooms have long heavy drapes. So it is worth investing in some gorgeous made to measure curtains. These should be lined, so they keep the room dark at night. If you take the paint colour with you to the curtain maker, then they will be able to help you come up with a set which brings your bedroom to next level luxury. You should also opt, where possible, for floor length. These give a more expensive feel to a room.

All bedrooms should have some kind of dressing area unless you are blessed with your own dressing room that is. For a real feeling of opulence choose a chaise lounge or a beautiful looking chair. You can find second-hand items on eBay and then have them upholstered in the same, or similar fabric as your curtains to tie the room together. This is a great place to sit and read if you get the time. Reading in your bedroom even sounds like a luxury! Probably because we get so little time to do it. So having an area dedicated to it will add the feel good factor, even if you never read! A well-positioned dresser is also necessary. You should have a mirror and plenty of draws to keep your makeup or items which may be needed when dressing.

Your bedside table is really important. Having everything to hand means you can enjoy long, lie-ins on the weekend. You need to start with a great lamp, try to make these matching on both sides. Fresh flowers will look lovely, and you need to have lots of outlets for charging your phone / Apple watch and other accessories. While you should try to leave these out of the bedroom, how many of us do that! So you might as well have a kitted out nightstand! Also, consider getting an alarm clock too. You may use your phone but having a clock by the bed gives you a subtle nod to hotel suites. Which will remind you of luxury living?

Finally, if you have a bathroom then dress it to match your bedroom. Treat it as an extension of your room connecting the spaces with the complementary decor. This will make your bathroom feel almost spa like. If you can have the bed facing the bathroom doorway. Then dress it up as a luxury boutique resort so every time you get out of bed, you are treated to the ultimate view of decadence!

Follow these simple steps and start falling in love with your bedroom again

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