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The home can sometimes feel quite dreary as Winter ends and Summer approaches. You may feel like you need to spruce it up, make it brighter throughout and ensure it looks ready for garden relaxation and hot days in your home. There are all kinds of things you can do to stay in sync with Summer.

Some are more elaborate and costly than others yet all can help you and your family further enjoy the seasons. You need to ensure your home is a great place to live, to ensure it positively flourishes, this will promote your happiness and impress those who come to visit. You may have already considered some of these tips, but read on further and you could find something that applies to your home directly.

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One of the best things you can do in the summer is change up the flooring of your garden. Using a patio somewhere means you can enjoy meals and barbeques in the garden. Grass is good, but a little hard floor can be great for variety and makes a nice healthy change. You can get some good ideas over at Simply Paving. Plan it out properly before going ahead and know exactly what colour and pattern you want. It may be worth purchasing a jet washer too. Sometimes over time the bricks can pick up hard to move grime and dust. This will make short work of it and can double as a car washer too.

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Your curtains make a huge impact. In the Summer you should look for light and pastel colours. Get curtains that don’t block the sun from coming in. It makes a huge difference to the overall ambiance of the home. To add to this you should consider matching mats or carpets. Look at light blues and greens and stay away from those dark wintry reds and burgundys. On the same note you may want to change your blinds up at this point. When you open the window the slightest of wind can send them clattering against each other. You could get rid of them completely leaving you with just the curtains.

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Remember to downgrade your blanket to a thinner one. When it gets warmer you will notice that you will be far more uncomfortable. Meaning you will need a thinner blanket. This change out is important so make sure you do it as soon as possible.

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You may want to invest in a barbeque too. Being able to cook and eat in the garden is great over summer. The kind you get depends on your garden. You can get a permanent kind of barbeque implemented, which is great, but bear in mind your garden’s size. A portable one will work too. You can choose between gas and coal implemented barbeques. Ensure you have a good place to store the gas as it can be dangerous. The same applies to the coal, don’t let it get wet ensure you have a shed or garage to do this.

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If you have any tips on getting your home Summer Ready, please leave a comment below…and I will add it in another post. Thanks for dropping by.

Love Happy x

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