Banish the Bathroom Blues



Did you know that doing your bathroom up will increase the overall value of your property by around 4%? Even if the cost and effort of improving your bathroom have been putting you off; that increase in property value should make you see things differently!

And you should also pleased to hear that revamping your bathroom shouldn’t take too much. In fact, there are some jobs that don’t take all that long that can really help you ditch your bathroom blues.

Update Your Fixtures And Fittings

All of the fittings in your bathroom can quickly get tired and look quite worn. So, every five years or so, it is a good idea to think about replacing things like your shower, taps, and radiators. In fact, any metallic items, even if they are only decorative should be replaced. That’s because all the moisture in the air can cause the metal to quickly rust and discolour. You might want to swap your old fixings for contemporary ones like heated towel rails to keep your towels nice and warm. Plus, as decor styles quickly go out of fashion, changing all your fixtures in this can ensure your bathroom stays in style.

Make It Relaxing

Lots of us enjoy coming home from a busy day in the office and spending an hour soaking in a relaxing bubble bath! But that isn’t the only way you can chill out in your bathroom; there are some other great additions that can really help you unwind and forget it all. For instance, add some scented candles or potpourri. These items will release natural fragrances into the room, which can relax the mind. You might also want to think about adding a dimmer light to your bathroom, as this can make for a very chill ambiance!



Upgrade Your Storage

Bathrooms can quickly become cluttered and messy, and this is usually because there isn’t the adequate amount of storage in them. If you upgrade your current storage situation, you will find that you can quickly get your bathroom in order. This simple job can instantly transform your bathroom and make it look as good as new! If you are struggling to find that room for cupboards and chests of drawers, you might prefer to get some overhead storage by attaching small cupboards to the walls.

Clean Your Tiles

You can give all your bathroom tiles a new lease of life simply by cleaning them. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a much preferred job to completely replacing them all! When you are cleaning them, use an old toothbrush and focus in between the tiles on the grout. This can get dirty very quickly, and simply rubbing your toothbrush over it should really brighten it up. If elbow grease doesn’t make a difference, you will be able to buy some grout cleaning products in your local DIY shop.

Once you carry out all of these steps, you will find that you banish the bathroom blues! And you’ll have boosted your property value in the process!


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