Start Planning Your Outdoor Decor for 2017


Now’s the Time to Start Planning Your Outdoor Improvements for 2017

It might be chilly and wet outside (unless you’re in Australia!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some home improvements done to the outsides of your home. Even if you’re not up for braving the snow and cold, you can start to plan your outdoor improvements for when Spring and Summer come around. Buffing up the garden, a new set of outdoor furniture or even an upgraded barbeque set up—the possibilities are both endless and exciting!

Winter is a great time for home improvements because you have ample time to plan what you want for when the ice clears up and the outdoors become easier to work with. So get those pencils and papers out and consider some of these excellent changes you can make to the outsides of your home when the winter season is over.

Fixing Up the Garden

The winter weather can be harsh on our plants and trees. They usually won’t survive very long in the cold, so it’s important to keep them managed whenever you can. The snow makes it hard to do any meaningful maintenance work on your garden, but you can utilise some general safety measures to ensure that you won’t completely destroy your garden.

For starters, don’t walk on your lawn when it’s frosty because you’ll damage and crush the grass. If your plants look frozen in time and they’re blackened, then they will most likely die so start making plans on what you want to replace them with. However, it’s’ a good idea not to touch them for a while in case they do revive. You don’t need to water or feed your plants either because the plants are usually dormant during the winter, so you don’t want to encourage them to grow yet.

Once the snow and frost start to melt away and clear up, give your plants some time to come out of their dormant state before you start to mow the lawn and feed the flowers again. Get out the jet washer and clean up any frozen dirt and mud on your pathways, replace withering flowers and get ready to plant new ones.

Improving the Decking

There are countless improvements you can apply to your decking. For example, how about adding some containers for plants to add a bit of colour? Decking is usually a really plain wood-coloured shade, so it’s always a good idea to spice it up by adding some bright flowers into the mix. Another good colour-inspired idea is to add some very bright and colourful accents. This can be painted furniture in colours like yellow, blue or green. This will make those objects stand out and contrast against the decking which makes them pop up and catch your eyes.

The railings of your decking are also an area of improvement to consider. Not only does it add safety so that you don’t fall off, but it can act like walls to prop up furniture, plant pots and parasols. You can install railings around your decking area that are both stylish and functional. For example, a glass railing can make your decking area seem larger than it is, but an opaque one can separate the decking from the rest of your garden to give the illusion of having multiple “rooms” in your garden. Whether you decide on a contemporary design or something traditional, it will no doubt add some style and class to your garden.

Screening and Blocking

Thanks to some unique fabric designs, it’s easy to install canopies and awnings that look and perform great. They can block out the sun, protect from rain and even retract to let in the sun whenever you need it. Look for fabrics that support all weather types so you don’t need to switch it for different seasons. With ample protection from the elements, you can place softer furniture like cushions and pillows because they’ll be protected from any downpours, and it’ll keep your cooking equipment safe if you decide to upgrade your barbeque.

You can also install screens to block unwanted views. A good example of this is neighbours who don’t keep their garden looking good. If their trees and plants are encroaching on your territory and affecting your view, then install some beautiful wooden panels or screens to block the unsightly mess from your vision. You can then use the screening in creative ways, such as hanging items, using it as a wall for an outdoor kitchen area or turning it into a relaxation area. There are many uses for screening, but the main idea is to block out unwanted views.

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