Some people think of their garden is somewhere to hang out in just in good weather. But with a few minor adjustments you can be outdoors enjoying the fresh air no matter what the weather is like. Read on for some tips on how to enjoy your garden all year round.
While we don't often complain about the beautiful weather it can get a bit much if you are out in it all the time, with no shade. That's why it is important to provide some shelter from the sun's UVA and UVB rays.
You can do this with a garden shade. The most common ones are garden umbrellas that are either freestanding or thread through a hole in your garden table. Then you can eat in the cool, while still enjoying the outdoor space.
There are also automatic electric sunshades available. These can be fitted to your balcony or patio and use a remote control to adjust the coverage that you need.
Next, if you get scorching weather in the summer, you might want to invest in a swimming pool. While the idea of a permanent, sunken pool is appealing the price and maintenance may not be. Especially if you get freezing winters as well as super hot summers.
So why not get a temporary inflatable pool. They come with metal frames and are big enough to fit the whole family in. The little ones can even do a bit of real swimming in the larger sizes, while the adults use them to cool off.
If you want to spend time outside in the winter or the more chilly summer nights, what about using a firepit to stay warm? Fire pits are specially built containers that enclose burning materials to keep you toasty on cold nights. You can use iron pits with logs or buy specially made gas fire pits. A lovely addition to the gas variety is to use fireglass, which twinkles as the fire burns through it. Giving a magical effect.
French Country Cottage Christmas Home Holiday Decorating outdoor fire pit sitting area:
Another way of staying warm in the garden during the cold weather is to get a hot tub. They range from 2 seaters to 8-10 seaters and can be plumbed into your garden. Even if it's raining or snowing you’ll still be nice and cozy in the hot tub, and they are a great way to sit and enjoy the starry sky at night. Just don't forget a towel for when you finally have to get out, or you might end up a bit chilly.
covered backyard hottub... off of master Love the doors! Figure out how to use for outdoor lanai:
Chimeneas are also an attractive option for warming your outdoor space. They are freestanding stone pots, which are made up of an oven like shape at the bottom, with a chimney on the top. You add fuel such as wood to the bottom and the smoke is funneled up and away from you via the chimney. This leaves you to enjoy the glow and heat of the fire on a chilly evening...I don't really like the look of them, but I do love these by ModFire below....
blue modfire and airstream camper
...Just my kinda thing :)
Speak soon my lovely friends.

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