A lovely garden is something we all want. It should be that portal from your home to a little haven or relaxing bliss under the sun. All too often, it can be more of a nightmare. Perhaps it’s dilapidated, perhaps it’s looking a little bare. Maybe it’s just never had much use in it. But there are a lot of ways you can change all that. Here’s how to get more use out of your garden.

Tidy it up
The one thing that puts most people off using their garden more is just how untidy it is. It can seem like too big a task to tackle. Put away your thoughts of having a perfect garden overnight. Start a schedule and stick to it. Give yourself deadlines on which area to tackle and work at it. Before too long, you’ll have your very own tidy garden.

Add some furniture
Maybe you just don’t get a lot of use of your garden because there’s nowhere for you to be. The kind of furniture you can put in your garden very much depends on size. You should at least have a table and some chairs out in it, however. Even smaller ones can support a little round glass table and stackable plastic chairs to put around it.

Grow your food in it
One of the best uses of a garden is that you can get some of your own food from it. Growing produce is both a great hobby as well as extremely rewarding. There’s something special about making a marinade with your own tomatoes, beyond the taste. You can buy the materials from lots places, including sites like http://www.pomonafruits.co.uk/.

Keep it green
If you’re like most people nowadays, you’re becoming more concerned about the environment. For that reason, you will want to keep your garden environmentally friendly. http://www.treehugger.com/ recommends harvesting rainwater, firstly. Grey water that has already seen use can still be recycled to grow your garden, too. Similarly, you can landscape your garden in levels or on a slope. This way, water trickles along the soil, meaning you need less to water more places. There are lots of green gardening tips to take in, so keep an eye out.

Use all kinds of space
If you start getting green thumbs, you might find yourself disappointed by how much space you have. Even in small gardens, however, there’s more space to be found. You can use your walls and your fences, for one. You can even hang planting pots from window sills and your patio if it has a roof.

Make a real hobby out of it
Gardening can easily start out as just a means to an end. Just a way to make your place look nice or even have some more value. It’s a lot of work, too. But that work can get you invested. Before you know it, you’ll be looking up which tools are the best. Which flowers work best with which. Make a real hobby out of gardening and you’ll have more use for your garden than ever before.

It's worked for me...I have been getting out in my new garden and now I have the 'green finger bug'!
more pictures of my new garden coming soon.


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