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Character is something many of us look for when buying a new house. Some houses are blessed with characterful features everywhere you look. But if you have a blank canvas rather than a finished masterpiece, don’t worry. Here are some simple suggestions to bring more character to your home.

Mix and match

Nothing makes your home more interesting than mixing and matching patterns, themes, and styles. Uniformity is convenient and chic. But if you’re looking to inject character, it’s wise to switch up your approach to styling. If your home is modern, you don’t have to choose contemporary furniture or opt for minimalistic colourways. If you’ve gone for muted walls, add some interest with a combination of patterned cushions and textured throws. Combine a chic sofa set with a rustic rocking chair or add a vintage footstool. In the kitchen, use accessories to bring colour and personality. Go for shabby chic florals or country-style plaid.

sewn up chair at happy's


Flooring can change the appearance of a room instantly, and it’s one of the first things you’ll notice when you walk through the door. If you’re hoping to embrace eras gone by, go for patterned Victorian-style tiles for hallways and slate in the kitchen. Check out Ted Todd Hardwood Floors for beautiful examples of solid wood flooring for living rooms and bedrooms. If you’re renovating an old house and there are carpets down, do some investigating before investing in a new floor. If you’re lucky, a ragged old carpet may be hiding original floorboards or tiles.


Open up a fire or add a wood burner

If you’re lucky enough to have open fires at home, do some research and get some ideas to restore and maintain them. You’ll often find stunning tiles surrounding original fireplaces, so give them a thorough polish and hope for the best. If you have missing or damaged tiles, look out for replacements at salvage yards and on online auction sites. If you don’t have functioning open fireplaces, you could always add a log burner to create warmth and add character.

sitting room at Happy's House

Embrace clutter (to an extent)

Older properties tend to be smaller with a series of rooms, rather than large open spaces. Although most articles you read will advise you to steer well clear of clutter, a certain amount can make your home look and feel cosy and quaint. Don’t hoard and display everything. But add frames, vases or ornaments to shelves and window sills. Put your pans on racks in the kitchen and add coasters and books to coffee tables. A certain amount of clutter will give your home that lived-in feel.

Happy New Home - Salvage garden furniture

My recent Salvage Yard find!

Many people consider character an attractive asset when looking for a new home. Have you recently bought a house? Are you renovating? If so, use these handy hints to restore your home to its former glory or add character and charm where it’s lacking. You don’t have to spend a fortune or bring about large-scale changes. Often, minor adjustments and key additions will make all the difference. If you’re struggling for inspiration, take a look through some magazines or visit a local antique store or a salvage yard.

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