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One of the rooms in the house that we spend a lot of time is our bedroom. So it makes sense that we would want to have it be a relaxing haven. You want it to be a room that you can go to and drift off to sleep. Without having to sort through a sea of mess and dirt. So one of the first things to do in your bedroom is to have a clean and a sort. Throw things out that you don’t use and make sure that it is looking spic and span. It is great if everything has a place. Then you have a blank canvas to make some changes with. Here are some other ideas of mine, to help you to update your room.

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Light Bulbs
It is a simple and cheap thing to do, but changing your lightbulbs can make a big difference. First of all, you could change the wattage of the bulbs you use. Then you can have a brighter and sharper look. You could even get coloured light bulbs, to create a particular atmosphere in your room. A soft pink light would work well for a romantic setting, for example. A big trend at the moment is choosing light bulbs that are old-school filament bulbs. They often don’t need a lampshade either. They look quirky and a little industrial, so perfect to contrast with a softer decor.
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Light Fixture or Lamp Shade
Along the same lines, you could change up the light fixture that you have. You could choose a pendant light, or even go for a chandelier style. This would add instant glam and there are a lot that you can buy on a budget. You could go for a strip light instead or add some wall lights. A dimmer switch is cheap to buy and can add a different atmosphere to the room too.
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Photo Wall
I love to have prints and pictures around the home. If you want to update your room, then how about creating a cute photo wall? Get a few frames of different shapes and sizes. Then fill with art or photographs. It can take a little bit of planning to get the wall looking right so plan it out on paper first. Then when you’re ready, some picture mounts from Best4Frames could be a good option. Then you can make sure that the pictures are all hung securely.
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Paint Hangers
A quick and simple way to update your wardrobe is to paint the hangers. This only works if you have the wooden style hangers, of course. It is inexpensive and doesn’t take long to do. You could use something like tester posts from a DIY shop, so that you can use a variety of colours. A rainbow of pastel colours can look so good. Then when you open up your wardrobe, you will be greeted with prettiness! 
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I hope this post was helpful to you, to give you some inspiration for changing up your bedroom...
I have added some new and old pictures to pretty the post up bit...I hope you like it x


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