So ok guys and gals…we have been here before, but I need some advice..I have been suffering with my back for quite sometime now, it’s probably because my body shape is more Hardy than Laurel (I have my Nan’s Genes) but I have been getting this sciatica pain through my back and down to my knees…don’t tell me to diet! until you read THIS post!…

I have always slept on a memory foam mattress, well I say always, but for the last say 10 years.  It cost a fortune and I thought it was going to last a lifetime…as it did say on the label ‘lifetime guarantee’! But now there is all this new information on television ad’s and on the internet about how we should all be changing our mattresses every 8 years? So that has got me wondering whether it’s time to change my next mattress now and if all this backache milarkie is to do with my old one! (I do rather look like a beached whale in bed these days lol! sorry that’s probably too much information!)Anyway I wondered if any of you had any thoughts on this and if you indeed do change your mattress every few years?  Or have you stuck with the same one for a long time…!It makes sense though doesn’t it! when you think how long we use them…at least a good eight hours is recommended and everday of your life…think how many hours that is!  should we be comparing all this information with say a holiday? The average money that is spent on one of those, whether it be a weekend away to visit family or a fortnight away in the Bahama’s it is always justified…as we hope that it will refresh us and make us more able to get on with our daily lives, so surely we should be applying that knowledge in our bed buying and invest in a good one every few years to make us feel refreshed and ready for each and every day!Yep I know!…I have really thought about this! I also had a look online here and there and found this brilliant guide to help me a little!….funny isn’t it how our priorities change as we get older! and how fashion changes too with new information…Recently my Mum had to get a remote control bed to help with her mobility…the mattress that she was sad to get rid of was one that she had bought with my Dad, he passed away in 1987, so do the math EeK!

That generation bought things to last because money was tight, you had to save for everything that you bought, there was no buy now pay later schemes back then.  These days in this more knowledgeable but throwaway society we like to change things…but had her mobility deteriorated because she stayed with that mattress for too long…we will never know!So rather than ramble on all day…
( and believe you me! Once i get into a subject I am like a dog with a bone!)

Let me know your thoughts on this.  Do you change your mattress every few years?

Do you have a back problem and if you do, how do you ease it?

Have you bought a mattress lately and if so what one?


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