here is some space saving ideas
Sometimes when we move into a property, it can have smaller rooms than we would ideally like. And then when we put our stuff in there, it can often end up overcrowded, and look messy. The bedroom can often be the worst as there is so much stuff you would like to put in there. If you want more space in your bedroom, there are some ways to free up space.

Single not double bed

If you want to make room in your bedroom, the best way is to get rid of that double bed that you don’t need. If it’s just you, it’s not necessary to have a double bed. A single bed will still mean you are comfortable. As it says in this article, having a large bed will often leave the area around it looking cramped and messy. By getting a single bed, you will have so much more space to put extra things. And it will make your room look bigger. If you have a guest over, you could always have a blow-up bed on the floor for the night, or they could sleep on the sofa.
how to free up space in your bedroom
Bean Bag rather than a chair

A lot of people like to have some form of seating in their bedroom, but it doesn’t have to be a sofa or even a chair. Save them for the lounge! You won’t be sitting in your bedroom much, and you can always perch at the end of the bed. If you still want something to sit on in your room, you could always get a stool or even a beanbag. A lot of companies are now selling waterproof bean bags which you can put in your room to chill out on. With many people having desks in their room now, you will likely have a computer chair which you can also sit on in your bedroom.

Get rid of old books

If you want to make room in your bedroom so it doesn’t look so cramped, you should go through all your stuff. One of the things which tends to take up so much room is old books. They are so heavy and can end up being everywhere. If you haven’t got one, you should buy a bookcase to hold them all in. You need to make sure you go through your old books and decide what you want to keep...Perhaps store them in the hall or along the staircase if you have the room. A lot of people donate books to charities such as Oxfam

try this clever trick Sort your clothes out

If you want to make room in your bedroom, you should go through your clothes to see if there is any you want to get rid of. It will mean you can make space in your wardrobe for future purchases. Also, if you do give a lot of clothes away, you could replace your wardrobe with a smaller version.

If you follow the above, you will end up making a lot more space in your bedroom, and it will look great!


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