Rosie Reviews - Vision Direct
Hi Peeps, Today I am reviewing Vision Direct's Amethyst contact lenses...

I decided that I would like to give coloured contact lenses a try again after a bad experience a few years ago...It was enough to put me completely off, but you know how time heals and all that, so I thought I would give them another go, especially after hearing all the good reviews about Vision Direct.

I ordered Amethyst Fresh Look Colourblends lenses on the Thursday and they arrived Friday morning...What a brilliant service! They came packaged in a neat box and when I opened them they had put a mini pack of Haribo's in there! What a neat touch!...Ok! so they didnt last long, but what is a gal to do, when Haribo's are staring you straight in the face with your name on them! ;) review
 There is so much choice on their website and they are soooo competitive in lenses were for colour only but you can choose whatever you want with or without perscription.  They have so much choice in brands and quantities, they really are a one stop shop for contact lenses.

They include in the pack a leaflet on how to put in your lenses, just incase you are new to them like me!  My lenses came in a blister pack filled with solution, which I was able to take out very easily.  I must admit I was a bit nervous, especially after the last time, but I took a deep breathe and to my surprise they went in a lot easier than I thought!

I blinked a couple of times, as they felt a bit scratchy at first, but only after about 5 minutes that feeling had settled down and I didnt feel a thing, they were so comfortable...I felt really strange, looking in the mirror and not seeing my blue eyes.

Ok so this is me without the Amethyst colourblends in...

and this is a picture of me with them in...

Rosie Reviews - vision direct
They have changed my blue eyes quite a bit  making them more
 mauvy has proved quite difficult to get a picture of the true colour, but here is another picture for you to see...
vision direct contact lense review
I went out in the evening and got so many compliments...Although my boyfriend said he preferred my blue eyes, I like them for a change...I am thinking of all the other colours I can add to my wardrobe, by just changing my eye colour.  I also feel more intelligent with them in...silly isnt it! but I do!!

I particularly like these lenses because they are such a natural colour, unlike others that you see out and about and also they are crystal clear which is a must, especially for driving etc...I think I am going to get a few other pairs, you know, try a few more colours and then I will have my perscription added to them.

I have really enjoyed reviewing these lenses and I hope that my opinion has helped you in someway or another, in deciding where to buy your next contact lenses.

Bye for Now.

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