vintage 1952 Holivan Caravan

Yes it was the end of an era for us! here at the Happy House! And I really feel that I need to update you all, as it is so overdue….!

House Move

You should all know by now that we have moved into a wheelchair friendly house and life is so much easier for my Freddy, he can access the whole ground floor in his wheelchair, so he can now wash up for me (cool! ;)) and even cook me a dinner now and again…Yes this house is brilliant…

The dining/Living room is one big space with light wood floors, perfect for transferring from room to room in a wheelchair! I havent been able to fill this house up so much either as Freddy needs room to move about and the fact that he can move about so easily makes it so much worth while.

Happy @ 2A

Future Use

As this house is a brand new one built for ‘future use’…we can’t do any major constructon to it for a year…it’s a warranty thing!…But in a years time…well 8 months time actually, we are going to have a lift put in for Freddy to access a bedroom and we are also having a wetroom put into the bathroom it already has been fitted with wetroom pipes in the bathroom…Hence ‘Future use’.

At the moment Freddy has his bed in the Living room, but we have positioned it so it looks like a settee, with some units around it, so it fits in really well to the design of the room…we have done something like a room setting in IKEA.  We have also bought an armchair for Freddy to sit in, for a change from his bed…we have bought it in dark grey…and although I could never imagine me liking grey, it fits in very well with our decor and is a brilliant support for him.

New Ikea Chair

Scuse the bad quality picture…it was taken on my phone….which is sadly not an iphone 🙁

Goodbye Holivan

Of course moving to this new wheelchair friendly house was so perfect for us, but alas some things had to go!…yes and you have probably guessed it…or seen adverts on my blog/facebook, but I had to sell our Holivan!…She had become very neglected by us since Freddy’s accidents…and I had always felt so guilty looking at her, remembering the fun times that we had had together!  We had originally bought her in 2009 for a craft room for Freddy and he had lots of happy times crafting in there!  Holi was also famous…being featured in many magazines one of which was Cath Kidston’s!, which made me so proud!

Bye Bye Holivan caravan

But all good things must come to an end and as this house does not have enough space at the side to get her into the garden…the inevitable had to happen!…I knew it was on the cards…but as it happened I managed to find a lovely lady to buy Holi from us…Her name is Kirstie she has two beautiful children and her husband is a 1950’s motorbike enthusiast! I know Holi is in good hands and I know you might think me silly! but I felt like I needed to find a like minded Happy family to take her off our hands and that is what I felt with Kirstie…I know they will look after her for the next part of her life…and we are going to say in touch, so hopefully I will be able to bring you pictures of what they do to her…which is the bestest…don’t you think!

New Craft Room

Freddy now has a craft room in the house, it is situated in the Living Room, it is the perfect place for him as it is in the same room as his bed…this room is multi-purpose…it’s the hub of the house, its the sitting room, Freddy’s bedroom,  the dining room, the television room, the garden room…all in one!  I have put the 1950’s kitchen dresser next to his table to hold all of his craft bits, along with a few other tatty cupboards and units (just how we like them!) to house all of his mixed media materials and he loves creating there…

Happy House Living Room @ 2A

I am going to leave you now as Freddy is shouting up at me, (I am in my craft room upstairs) if I would like a vanilla latte…yes! now that is an offer I can’t refuse!

Bye for now my lovlies xx

Love you all and thanks for being so patient with me xxx

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