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Autumn is the season that defines the transition from summer to winter, the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, trying to hang on to the feeling of warmth can be challenging.

As soon as I can see the sunny days descend into windy evenings, and feel the slight biting chill in the air, all I want to do is snuggle up inside the house. ‘Fall’ colours - burnt umber, dark oranges, deep reds and browns – are my favourite, I prefer darker colours as they are richer, and aren’t as cold as other paler shades. Bright colours are okay too, but I prefer the subtle tones of the warmer autumnal hues.

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Generally the more things there are in a room, the warmer it will feel. An abundance of cushions and blankets is necessary for curling up and hiding away, just try not to hibernate… Heavier and fabrics with detailed patterns make the best cushions for keeping warm, as the texture creates friction which produces thermal energy. I once overheard someone saying ‘you can never have too many pillows!’ and I’d love to be able to agree, but unfortunately in my opinion too many cushions and pillows can make a room look cluttered not cosy.
love these blankets:
Having a wooden or laminate floor as opposed to carpet has been popular for a while now, and although it looks sleek and tidy, it’s not the nicest thing to walk around on when the temperature drops and it becomes the cold hard ground. Rugs are objects that make a significant change to the overall feel of a room, they can instantly give a room more depth and create a more homely atmosphere. The design of a rug will depend on the room; space, theme, and atmosphere are all things that will need to be taken into account.Autumnal hallway | Winter decorating | PHOTO GALLERY | Country Homes & Interiors |
In the summer I like having thin drapes on the windows that let the sun through. They keep the feel of the room light and breezy, whilst also allowing the fresh warm air through into the room. However as much as I love them, as winter approaches I switch them out for much heavier curtains that keep the cold air outside.
Window seat with Cabbages and Roses fabrics... Full review with images galore on Modern Country Style blog: Living Life Beautifully by Christina Strutt: Book Review:
 My Nan lives in the Irish countryside, which means it can get very cold at night. She has these huge velvet curtains hanging over every window, which keep the house warm; they also bring this really nice atmosphere to the room, it’s like a comforting sense of security. I know that might sound weird, but it’s just what it feels like to me! The advantage to having a good set of curtains is that they’ll save money of heating the house. By stopping heat from escaping through the windows, the temperature of the room will be higher.
Another favourite of mine! Simple sparklers! Remember, Remember the fifth of November.:
Blankets and throws are heaven for snuggling into and watching a film with the family. In my opinion the perfect blanket is quite heavy, with soft velvet on the bottom and soft faux fur on top. I used to take a blanket with me wherever I went, I’d move from the sofa to the dining table without unwrapping myself from my cosy cocoon of warmth. Curling up under a blanket is also more economical as you won’t have to turn up the heating.
I love moody blues and greys with lots of texture and patterns:
A good warm bed is essential during the colder weather. Light summer sheets designed to keep you cool in the sticky summer nights just don’t do the job when it comes to keeping warm. Curling up in a thick duvet at the end of the day is always the highlight of my evening, as nothing beats a comfy place to crash after a long day and fall asleep in....Keeping stylish can also be keeping cosy, with warm autumnal shades making your interiors even more comfortable during the colder months.

Post contributed by Shanon O'Donnell.
Shanon O’Donnell is a student and aspiring writer. She loves all things artsy and is hoping to achieve a career in online journalism. She is also a keen photographer and is in the process of setting up a blog to showcase her photography.

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  1. It is getting quite cool here now too. but it was a lovely summer. just have to hold on to that! lol! time to cozy up for the coming winter. Stay warm and comfy Happy!

  2. For so e reason I thought you were blogging anymore a then I stumbled arcoss you from another bloggers page.. So gla your still here. Maybe I mis read something who knows.. I love autumn too, and it just started to feel a bit chilled inside yhe house so last night I added a comforter. I just had a lite bedding on... I have mostly white white lt pink... But i was also thinking about some darker colors to warm it up... Happy Thursday with love Janice.. Got got to do some back reading


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