Hi there my lovelies…I hope you are all well and Happy xx

I have been looking around MADE.COM this week, for a few ideas to take with me to my ‘new’ house, as I have said before I want to add a clean finish, with a few modern pieces mixed with some vintage pieces and I stumbled on THIS website and have already ordered a few lights!I have purchased the blue desk lamp for my craft room/bedroom (above).

I so love their style, they have all the latest, up to the minute trends, as well as some timeless pieces and all for a very competitive price!…You see they cut out the middleman and buy straight from the designers themselves, thus making everything a very appealing price indeedy!

There are so many things that I want to buy on this site….I have already bought 2 lights…

and now there are endless other things that I want to buy!

Have you discovered MADE.COM yet?
If you have! what have you bought from them?
…and if not…what do you like in their shop…
Come on gals…leave a comment below…Let’s have a good ‘ole natter like the old days 🙂 x



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