How to get rid of an Unwanted Pampas Grass

summer draws to an end you’ll probably want to make the most out of the garden
by hosting BBQs, tea parties or just having your friends around for a cup of
tea. You’ve spent the last couple of months pruning those bushes with trusty
hedge trimmers, which you can
buy at Tesco, and watching the geranium and
hydrangeas grow, but there is a great BIG pampas grass sitting in the middle of your garden that you have been meaning to get rid of for ages!

Hence my Pampas Grass below! Eek!

Mine has grown over 6ft high so I have always taken pictures of my garden leaving out this monstrosity!  I am not a fan of the thing! We acquired it when we moved here 6 years ago and I have aways been told that they are very difficult to get rid of…making them a most stubborn
nuisance to me. 

So let’s take a look at these tips on what to do if you would like to remove one from your garden!


are the pieces of equipment that you’ll need:



shirt & long trousers

bin bags



containing glyphosate


Put on the gloves and ensure that your clothes cover your arms and legs. Grab
several pampas grass stalks and bunch them together. Cut the stalks down to
around two inches above the ground with a pair of gardening shears. Do this until you
have cut all the grass down to a similar size. Fill the rubbish bag with the cut
grass as you go along, tie it securely and take it to the tip.

Next, spray the cut down stalks straight away with a ready-to-use herbicide that
contains glyphosate as the active ingredient. Use it liberally for the best

3. You’ll have to repeat the treatment process a week later. Monitor the location regularly and spray any newly sprouted pampas grass with the glyphosate herbicide.

people might try and just dig up the root of the pampas but the only effective way is to use
chemicals as well, otherwise it will just grow again. There are many products out
there that are right for the job so just ask your local garden center worker and
they’ll point you in the right direction. Be careful to avoid spraying any
nearby plants that may be harmed by the chemicals.

you can get down to enjoying the rest of the season in a beautiful, flawless
garden that isn’t overshadowed by pesky pampas.


You could always hide it (like I have for years) with a Garden Gazebo Lol!

Happy Days xx

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