Creative bathroom colour schemes

Décor is the most exciting part of giving your bathroom a makeover simply due to the fact that you have full responsibility of colours and a theme. Being creative is an understatement, you want to be able to boast to the world about your unique designs.

Essentially, it all comes down to colour; what mood do you want to create? What image of yourself, your home, your life do you want to project to others? Consider your bathroom as a blank canvas – here are some creative colour schemes to get you thinking.

A hue of blue and mellow yellow

No doubt the first image that springs to mind with blue and yellow are the lush golden beaches of the Caribbean that stretch as far as the eye can see, gently lapped by enticing blue waves.

Sandy-coloured floorboards or a sheet of golden vinyl give way to blue tiles creeping up the wall before transforming into lighter paint shades for the sky. It’s calm, relaxing and creates that perfect setting that holiday brochures desperately strive to achieve.


Lilac & lime – not a crime

This retro feel brings together two unusually matched colours that complement each other with the soft, pastel lilac balancing out the striking vibrant shades of lime.

You may find lime toilets and basins hard to come by, but that doesn’t stop you applying the lesser popular colours to the bathroom walls and ceiling. A modern 3-to-1 wall paint job in favour of lilac with lilac patterned on the lime wall maintains the vintage feel with being too overbalanced.


Orange fades & shades

Peachy orange is a popular choice for bathrooms, but you can take this further and enhance all the oranges under the sun to create a bathroom of many colours, from just one colour.

Orange tiles, particularly smaller options that run alongside a bath, represent a batch of delicately crafted terracotta ceramics while spotlights beaming down onto light orange paintwork and finishes at night create a peaceful sunset glow. Even some wooden bathroom furniture can be perceived as dark orange shades.

Cream, green & all to be seen

Not quite the vibrant lime as before, but a pleasant leafy green to accompany a slightly off-white cream, mirroring sunlight seeping between rainforest canopies alive with the sound of splashing water in your bathroom.

Cream walls are especially brought to life with a creative method of stencilled leaf patterns and colourful tropical petals. There will be no plain wall space that makes the room feel bare, instead a botanical design unique to your bathroom only.

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