Well we had the Easter weekend and did I get everything done that I wanted?? No Siree! I did not!
My bushes have still not been trimmed! hmmm! just look at my is worse than ever and with only me able to do is getting to be a bit of a hindrance!
...So calling all fit, muscled and tanned men to come and help me get my bushes trimmed please...
I am sooooo in need...(she sniggers)


 Power to Inspire...

Creativity can come from many sources and everyone has their own particular way of finding inspiration. If you’re having difficulty igniting those creative flames sometimes it can be incredibly helpful to simply switch on the radio.

Some people drink strong coffee, some meditate and some find that listening to music is all that’s required to get those creative juices flowing.

Many creatives use a combination of different methods to get the ideas flowing and there’s no rule to help you come up with ideas - in most cases ‘whatever works’ is the only rule.

Music, whether from a state-of-the-art dab radio or a much loved traditional radio model that you’ve had for years can be all that’s required to ignite the imagination. Listening to music, a talk show or simply the daily news can spark the imagination and bring up a host of new ideas.

Music and creativity

If you’ve hit a wall when faced with that empty canvas, blank worksheet or lump of clay waiting to be moulded into something spectacular then try turning on the radio. It’s true to say that music, whether used as background noise or as a means of tapping emotions, can be a huge aid to the creative individual’s inspiration.

That little device in the corner of your room can be one of your most important tools and it’s there anytime you need it. The major bonus with a radio is that you have a huge diversity of music to suit your mood and taste 24 hours per day.

Choose your radio station

Most people will have their tried and tested favourite radio stations, whether it’s BBC Radio 6 for the latest music or Radio 3 for opera, classical and culture shows. Jazz is often cited as one of the most creative musical influences and there are plenty of radio stations dedicated solely to jazz and the blues.

Of course it’s not just all about music, you can listen to talk shows, plays, sporting events, travel shows and the latest news shows to get the inspiration and ideas flowing.

Broaden your range of radio choices

One of the many innovative DAB radio features on certain models is the ability to receive radio shows via the internet through wireless connectivity. This means you can pick up shows from around the world via internet broadcasts.

You can not only listen to your city’s radio show but local radio shows across the globe from South America to New York to Iceland. With internet radio you can easily find some inspirational music to match your mood.

Radio is still an extremely popular and important part of everyday life for many people, even with the huge amount of entertainment sources now available. This little device is invaluable as a way to boost creativity and its power to inspire the imagination via music shouldn’t be underestimated.

A Good Start to the Morning

If you’re the kind of person who can’t seem to get going in the morning until they've had their first cup of coffee, then it’s worth making that first cup a good one.  The best way to do this is to invest in a decent coffee machine, and there are so many on the market now that you don’t have to spend half as much as you used to in order to get a really good cup of coffee at home.
The most important thing to consider is the coffee blend that you choose and that’s down to personal taste. Experiment with some different coffee brands and products until you find the blend that is just right for you.

The kind of machine you choose is also down to personal taste. For a quick and easy espresso, it’s hard to beat the convenience of the machines that take coffee capsules, like the Nespresso. No need to measure out the amount of coffee, just load in the capsule and press a button. If you already have a Nespresso machine in your kitchen and are looking for some different blends to try out in your machine, Caffe Cagliari now stocks a range of capsules which are suitable Nespresso alternatives.
For some people though, they prefer to brew up their coffee with a stove top percolator – the Moka pot has its origins in Italy. This three part machine has a water reservoir at the bottom, a funnel shaped coffee filter in the middle and a collecting jug on the top. The hot water boils then passes through the filter and the coffee collects in the top. It takes a bit longer to make coffee this way, but it avoids having to sacrifice precious kitchen work space for a coffee machine.
Then, there are the non-capsule espresso machines – which again take up more space, but also give you the option of steaming the milk to go with coffee. And if you have friends over, it’s easier to make larger amounts of coffee in a cafetière or a drip-pot coffee maker, but that will produce a less intense coffee flavour. 
It all depends on how much coffee you drink and how easy you want it to be. Do a bit of research before you buy, so that when you have that first cup in the morning, you’ll be sure that it hits the spot!






Spring is finally here...I have had a little peep into my garden and its definitely time to get my boots on and potter about out there...

I didn't do much in the garden last year...and 'boy' am I paying for it this year! I should of cut down a lot of overgrown bushes, but didn't...and now they are soooooo overgrown, its going to take me a month of Sundays to get it done!...but the sun helps doesn't it...the warmth on your back...the birds twittering...ahhh Bliss!

Right now I can hear my neighbours mowing their lawn, children playing and laughing, birds a tweeting and bee's buzzing...

The Easter weekend is looming and I am soooo prepared...I have bought my work tools and I will be out there with the rest of them pruning and shaping...I will also be purchasing my famous red geraniums...which I plant in the garden every year...they are so hardy and look good even if you forget to water them.
Another thing on my list of 'to do's' is to paint my little green Holivan...the sun has bleached the side over the years and she is in desperate need of a repaint..
So I have been shopping around on-line and found a great choice of colours HERE
...But I am still not sure about the colour to paint the white one.
...Perhaps, you could throw me a few ideas :)
 Even though I know it will be a lot of hard work, it is probably best that I start on the outside of the caravan first, because its the job that I am not looking forward to doing most!...because it lives under the tree, it has this horrible mossy green stuff on the roof and I know I will have to scrub like mad to get it I am going to need a miracle paint to repaint it with to repel this from happening again...any ideas?
Then the fun will begin...when I get to work inside....
Freddie has told me I can have both caravans, as he is finding it hard to get comfortable in the little green I might rip out the beds and draw unit and put a free-standing table at the end so that a more comfortable chair can be used...I'll have to add some kind of mat underneath though to stop the chair from marking the i would like a chequer board floor...Soooo Retro ay!  ;)

...What will you be doing this weekend?Are you doing some DIY...or are you having a traditional Easter with Family and Friends?

Until next time xx


Just saying.....!

Quirky ways to reinvent your room

Your bedroom is your sanctuary from the rest of the world more than any other room in your house. It’s here where you spend most of your time – albeit unconscious for the majority of that time – and so it’s here where you can truly be yourself more than any other place in your life.
So this is the room that is more about you than any other room is. This isn’t a room to make smart and perfect for the benefit of others, nor to make too practical and functional. Instead, it’s a room to do whatever you want to in – to make it really yours.
So what’s the best starting point? Well you may think a great starting point is to look for ideas for inspiration – but there’s a better place and that’s within yourself. Remember; a bedroom is where we make the transition from consciousness to unconsciousness and back again each day – so in many ways, it’s the most important room in your life. And as you drift off to sleep each night, your thoughts take you wherever you want to go. So dream up your perfect sanctuary from the world - without trying too hard. This should be a pleasurable and gradual task Think about your perfect room and how it would look and feel, what colours would be in it and what features – then start to think about the practicalities.
From this sort of beginning, you will be able to create your own ideal space whether it’s small and cosy, big and open, bright or dark, minimalist or packed with a myriad of your best-loved knick-knacks.
So spend time letting your ideal room build in your head. Give a lot of consideration to your interior look – but don’t try and rush the process. The feel of your bedroom (or specifically, how you feel about the room) is imperative; you’re trying to create a space you love - perhaps more than any other here.
As well as the bed and furnishings – don’t forget the entrance. The door to your room should be a door that marks the transition from the active part of your life to the restful, self-indulgent one as much as is practicable. So the door itself is important and should complement not only the rest of the house – but more importantly, the look and feel of your most special room; your bedroom. 
There’s no excuse not to find the perfect door to your sanctuary these days. Be a little different...go to a car boot sale to find something cheaply that some-one else wants to get rid of!  Go to an reclamation yard - you'll be amazed at ll the goodies you can find there!
A heavy door, or one that is well soundproofed (and which is well fitted) will make an enormous difference to the feeling of separation of your bedroom from the rest of your house – and this is highly desirable. Treating the bedroom as a sanctuary rather than just another room, and keeping it as quiet as you can, will help you become calmer, get better sleep, and “zone out” from the world in a way that is good for all our states of mind.  The trick is to treat the room as special for you – and to try and let your innermost thoughts design the space as far as you possibly can.