A Good Start to the Morning

If you’re the kind of person who can’t seem to get going in
the morning until they’ve had their first cup of coffee, then it’s worth making
that first cup a good one.  
The best way to do this is to invest in a decent coffee
machine, and there are so many on the market now that you don’t have to spend
half as much as you used to in order to get a really good cup of coffee at

The most important thing to consider is the coffee blend
that you choose and that’s down to personal taste. Experiment with some
different coffee brands and products until you find the blend that is just
right for you.

The kind of machine you choose is also down to personal
taste. For a quick and easy espresso, it’s hard to beat the convenience of the
machines that take coffee capsules, like the Nespresso. No need to measure out
the amount of coffee, just load in the capsule and press a button. If you
already have a Nespresso machine in your kitchen and are looking for some
different blends to try out in your machine, Caffe Cagliari now stocks a range
of capsules which are suitable
Nespresso alternatives.

For some people though, they prefer to brew up their coffee
with a stove top percolator – the Moka pot has its origins in Italy. This three
part machine has a water reservoir at the bottom, a funnel shaped coffee filter
in the middle and a collecting jug on the top. The hot water boils then passes
through the filter and the coffee collects in the top. It takes a bit longer to
make coffee this way, but it avoids having to sacrifice precious kitchen work
space for a
coffee machine.

Then, there are the non-capsule espresso machines – which
again take up more space, but also give you the option of steaming the milk to
go with coffee. And if you have friends over, it’s easier to make larger
amounts of coffee in a cafetière or a drip-pot coffee maker, but that will
produce a less intense coffee flavour.

It all depends on how much coffee you drink and how easy you
want it to be. Do a bit of research before you buy, so that when you have that
first cup in the morning, you’ll be sure that it hits the spot!


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  1. Nancy
    24th April 2014 / 10:05 pm

    I also love my Keurig coffee maker Happy..so easy and fast so so many flavors to choose from..You can also make hot chocolate and tea..Rosy is so cute in that pic..she looks sweet with the darker hair..

  2. Patti
    23rd April 2014 / 12:16 am

    Oh yes, we love our coffee! We just bought a Keurig and we enjoy it. Your photos are so cheery. I love the red dotted china cups. Everything is so cute!

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