I Love my Plooms Fountain Pen

I love my red plooms fountain pen

I Love my Plooms Fountain Pen.

The other day I was sent this beautiful pen by the lovely Sally at PLOOMS, her company designs and sells these divine ink pens that come in five different colours…naturally you would of guessed that I wanted the red one!

red plooms

These days what with the internet, we tend to communicate through emails and texting, hardly anything is handwritten anymore…which is such a shame…

plooms fountain pen

Sally is trying to get people to fall in love with writing again and with her pens…well it’s hard not too! These are beautiful ink pens, they are solid and weighty and the ink glides on to the paper with ease,..(PLOOMING: verb: to handwrite a message in ink and photograph it) Some words need to be written in ink, so next time you want to say something special Don’t Just Text it – PLOOM it

…And never forget the power of the written word!


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