Hi everyone…I hope you are all very well this week…
Well then! what do you think of my shiny new bag?…
I have been asked by BAGABLE to review this lovely PAUL FRANK messenger bag and
what a delight it has been indeedy!

I always carry a largish bag with me, as I have so many items, that are necessities these days!
and this bright and happy bag is just the job…it has a large zipped pocket inside to keep all valuables safe…there is a velcro pocket on the front too, that I like to keep my change in…especially when I am at a flea market and you need change ‘extra’ quick!

There is just soooo much space in this delightful bag…I love it soooooo much!
Look at everything I managed to get in it…still with more room than I needed!

This bag would be ideal for folders for college, or towels and a swimsuit for the beach or gym.
but lets see what I have in mine…

I bought a magazine whilst I was out…I know, I know…I can hear you! I don’t usually buy these kind of magazines, because I cant stand all the gossip and lies that is printed in them, but whilst I was out shopping, I happened to notice that Dawn French was on the front, setting the records straight, about her weight and I thought!….well! I have the room in my bag for that..so why not! lol! so kerching! at the counter and suddenly it had magic’d itself into my lovely new bag!

So here we have the contents of my bag, I have a lovely ‘lusty’ deodorant, perfect for a menopausal woman that is out and about in town lol! A tape measure, perfect for measuring clothes if I don’t want to try them on…a large makeup bag, not for makeup, but for all my medications and just in case someone else is ill lol! a smaller button pouch for my red lippy and liquid eyeliner, two essentials for a fifties chick. Two purses…one for notes and the other for change, sunglasses, tissues, pen and a comb…my, now essential Iphone, that I never thought I would succumb too (hehehe!) and one of my mini lavender bags, because I just so love the smell and also last but not least and just in case again! lol me always thinking of others…I have some liquid nectar which is liquid sugar, just in case Rosie has a very bad ‘low’ and can’t chew normal sugar tablets…

and voila…there you have it…the contents of my bag…

You have got to go and visit this company…they ROCK!
…and if you are after a new bag, they sell all kinds of really ON TREND designs, including brands like FOSSIL, GOLA, HELLO KITTY, KIPLING and TROOP LONDON to name but a few…

 Rosie choose this GOLA bag and it is her favourite at the moment, I haven’t been able to catch up with her…she takes it everywhere and for the same reasons as mine, it is sooooo roomy and looks really chic…well I say didnt catch up with her…but I did manage to snap this piccie as she was venturing off to her friends house in West Sussex….Don’t she look cute 😉

So my lovelies…if I haven’t tempted you enough to visit this brilliant bag company, then why not have a visit with a 10% off discount code, just type in ‘repeat10’ at the checkout and you will qualify for the discount…they ship worldwide and they offer free delivery in the UK too…Brilliant ay!

So tell me! What do you keep in your bag…and what is your favourite brand of bag at the moment?

Keep well my lovelies xx

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  1. Nancy
    8th August 2013 / 2:18 am

    They are just adorable Happy..You don't travel lightly do you my dear..lol

  2. Anonymous
    7th August 2013 / 4:20 am

    Love the bag so adorably cute. Looks like you have lots of fun goodies in it. I will check out this website. I hope they ship to USA.. Have a fun rest of the weekERIKA

  3. cinnamon whites
    6th August 2013 / 6:50 pm

    Love the bags and all the little accessory bags as well! Isn't it fun to accessorize and the fun patterns that make your heart skip of happiness by just looking at them. Thank you for sharing! <3

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