Chic Tents to Rock the Campsite

I am loving these wonderful and sooooo totally stylish tents…just look at them! and what fun!
I particularly like this one above…as you know, the naughty postcard thing, so reminds me of my late Nanny Hilda and I think, if I was looking to buy a new tent this would be a strong candidate.

…and if its the floral thing that you love…look at this lovely little number…so pretty isn’t it…decorated with lemon and pink roses, it is definitely one for the CK fans amongst you…

Now this little number is great for the bookworm…and what a spectacle this tent brings…a friend of mine has this one and she gets comments wherever she pitches up…
If packaging and bubble wrap is you thang…well this is the tent for you….don’t go pressing the bubbles though! otherwise the tent might wobble and collapse lol!

This one is fun and popular amongst the kids I would of thought…

have your own circus on holiday in the big top!

And if you want to buy something for the man that has everything…this tent could be the answer, especially if he hasn’t got a shed…or an allotment, he could while away an afternoon in this lovely one, and what a better way, than to keep him out of your hair!…Bliss!

If you are in the market for a new tent…then FIELD CANDY is the shop for you, full of unique tents, designed by the rich and famous, which will definitely make you, the talk of the campsite!

..and remember lol! if you fancy buying me a pressie…mines the cheeky postcard one! ;D

Come on gals…take a look at the website, and let me know which is your favourite?

Bye for now my lovelies…



  1. Emma (My Red Wellies)
    7th August 2013 / 9:55 pm

    These are great. I am loving the postcard style one but I reallyy want the book one 🙂

  2. kerrie of sea cottage
    7th August 2013 / 6:32 pm

    This are wonderful. I love the floral and men only But I do like the flag ones too. So classic.

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