I don't know about you, but i am loving the light that the summertime brings, it makes me feel more creative and a little clearer in my head...living here in my little cottage, which is quite a dark place to live, I have to keep turning the lights on in certain places, especially my craft room/dining room and I often think how I would love to have a large VELUX window put in over my head to let all the daylight in...

The idea came to me when I was in Freddy's crafty caravan...it is so light in there, as it has a little window in the roof and although it is not a clear window, it still lets a lot of light in and therefore if you work in there, the creative juices flow in abundance...

So I started to troll the internet {as you do} and to my surprise and delight there seems to be a window solution for every situation these days...check out some of these wonderful ideas...don't it just make you sigh with envy...

Even if it is a dull day...the light that comes in through these windows is immense...the perfect crafting art space any guy or gal could wish for!...but somehow I don't think my landlord would stretch the budget to fitting these VELUX windows for me...but when I move...{which will hopefully be in the next year or so} you can guarantee that the light factor will be a crucial decision in our next home and hopefully we shall have enough in our budget to get these beautiful windows fitted.

How much light do you have in your home and does it make you feel better and more creative?

Come on gals...come and have a chat with Happy xx

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  1. In Canada, there is a tendency towards rustic charm, which tends to be very heavy, earthy tones. As such, the rooms can be very homely, but quite dark. Not quite to my English tastes!! I really want to paint our rooms magnolia now, instead of beigey-brown!

  2. Our home is literally filled with light! In my kitchen I have 5 windows that wrap one entire wall. I have very little wall space because I have so many windows. We are very happy here. The light is wonderful, and the views are gorgeous. I do hope your next home has the light you dream of. I love your blog. Thank you so much for keeping it going and such fun!

  3. I'm with you on this one Happy. My home has beautiful light in my studio and living room. I can't stand darkened rooms so I am especially happy during summer when there is an abundance of bright sunshine. These windows look amazing. What a great way to transform a space.

  4. I love light filled rooms. I would have a hard time living in a darkened environment. xo Diana

  5. I live in a town house here in Minnesota which means I share walls with my neighbors on both sides and the back. That means, ALL of the windows in my house face the same direction... At least it is south! I do wish sometimes that my baths or kitchen or even the hallway had a window and I know what you mean about making a checklist for the future.
    My parents have a cabin with a skylight in their bathroom and I love the idea of doing my business in the moonlight. To much information?

  6. In the south of France the traditional houses are always quite dark, to keep them cool in summer. This works really well, but it's still a bit depressing and like you I dream of velux windows! They would have to have remote control blinds in our high roof for sunny days, or we would all bake... but it would be wonderful in the winter!

  7. Hi Sweetie,
    Here in Alaska we have to love light as we get so much in the summer. But in the winter we are cut way down. Here we have a killer view so most homes have sweeping high windows to let it all in. When I lived in the forest in CA we had installed two solar tubes you might like and they were not all that expensive. They install a tube of sorts right up from your ceiling to the roof and a mirror reflects the light down, great for closets or dark holes in the house. Look them up. Cheers Nan

  8. I have seen some unusual and beautiful windows as I visit others & so wish that I had them in my house. I think it helps to have a picture in your mind of what you'd like when you go looking for. Home. Do hope it works out for you. Joan

  9. That's the one thing that drew us to this house was the light.The negative is,that it shows up every little speck of dust and dirt!
    Really must get the hoover out more often!

    Bellaboo X


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