You know when you mislay things and you think you are going completely mad, because you cannot find them! Well that has been happening to me a lot lately!
I buy vintage patterns...coz eventually I am going to put them to use and actually make something from them!

I buy stamps for my jewellery making, but never get around to using them!

I collect old money and buy envelopes to post my letters in...

I collect pretty and bold patterned material...

But somehow whenever I want to use any of these wonderful collections I think I am accumulating!

They have disappeared!
Yep you have guessed it!
You will find a lot of what I am missing HERE
Freddy makes use of everything he if you ever meet him! keep an eye on you never know where your treasures will end up! lol!


Ok Ok...So I have picked up my new glasses today! I got tested last week and they were ready to pick up today!...I have decided to go for varifocals...Hmmm! don't they take a bit of getting used to!...all I seem to be doing is moving my head up and down and side to side lol! I won't be wearing them all the time though as they are just for concentration work, as my long distance vision is fine.

I went for a retro tortoise shell look, actually they are huge! hehehe!
Audrey Hepburn style!

Have you ever tried varifocals?
and if so, how long did it take you to get used to them?


Happy Home and Vintage Delights

 Hello Gals and Guys...I hope you have all been having a lovely weekend ;)
I have been adding many new items on to our website this week...
and I do have many more lovely things to list next week too! So if  something doesn't take your eye this week, come back and have a look next week.

So to make it easier for you on each picture to view that item...

I sure hope you like what I have chosen for the Shop this week...if you have any requests that you would like to buy...please EMAIL ME HERE.  I would love to hear from you.

Have Fun browsing through...


Bye for now my luverleys....until next time!...
I'll have to love and leave ya!


My Latest Work.... Vintage Umbrella

I have just completed this blog design for Jenni at Vintage Umbrella, please click on her lovely new shiny button below to say will love it over at Jenni's, she has lots of eyecandy waiting for you and wonderful makes. 

Tell her Happy sent cha!


More 'Blog Bling' For You

Hello my Lovelies...and thank you so much for all your help and advice re the PICNIK thing below...I have sorted it with my lovely bank...thank goodness...Thanks Dazie and all for that advice :)

So heres a little 'Blog Bing' for you all...

CLICK HERE view my latest buttons for you to BLING UP your blog columns.

If there are any of my pictures that you would particularly like to have as a button for your blog, please let me know here and I will add it to the FREEBIES page soon.

I hope you like the ones I have added :)



Picture found from THIS blog
Hi Gals...I am letting you know about this, just in case it happens to you!

A few days back I got an email telling me that PICNIK was closing...I signed up for this tool through FLICKR a few years ago, as it was run by GOOGLE and I thought it was a good photo editing suite for my piccies...but alas, it was too slow and I never used it again!

When I signed up for it, I paid for the 1 year membership and didnt tick any boxes for a re-accuring payment from my account and as I have been a member since 2008...or so my account tells me... I have never had a re-ocurring bill!....

But this month they have taken $24.99 which amounts to £16.64 out of my account without my permission, just as they have annonced their closing!!! Hmmm! Dodgy me finks!

I think this is probably a con, because they have never renewed my account before since 2008 and yet the year they are closing they have! sounds suspicious doesn't it!

It also sounds suspicious because they are advertising that if you are a Premium User...which apparently I was, I would get a refund...So what a surprise it was to realise I didnt qualify, because my subscription had run out on the 18th January before the qualifying date of the 20th!

Has this happened to you? Please let me I have tried to get help on the PICNIK helpline...but all you do is go round and round in circles...getting nowhere fast! Grrrr!!


Happy Birthday Max

The Happy House is celebrating lil' Max's Birthday this weekend...he is now 10 years old!...which makes him 70 in doggy years! Wow! where did all those years go!

Whatever you are doing...we wish you all a Happy Weekend too...
See you all next week!

Have Fun!


From The Cure to Adele ... I will always love you Freddy

Yes Guys and Gals, as you know this is our 25th Wedding Anniversary year and I wanted to share these two versions of a favourite song of mine...I recently heard Rosie playing it in her bedroom...The tune sounded familiar, but I couldn't quite place it!

She told me it was called Lovesong by Adele...and then it clicked! Hmmm! Lovesong ay! so I googled 'The Cure' and there they were on Youtube, singing their original version released back in 1989... I loved The Cure back in the 80's...I loved the different music genres back then and used to go to 'The Green Man' in Leytonstone to quench my appetite for such tunes.

So as Freddy and I met in the 1980's, (pic of us back then above and below!) here is their original version of Lovesong...

I am dedicating these songs to my beloved hubby, who through thick and thin, I have always loved him...and always will...

I love both versions, because I love both artists...very different, but very sincere...

Just like us! Chalk and Cheese...Perhaps thats why we have made it to 25 years ;)!