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Hi Gals...I am letting you know about this, just in case it happens to you!

A few days back I got an email telling me that PICNIK was closing...I signed up for this tool through FLICKR a few years ago, as it was run by GOOGLE and I thought it was a good photo editing suite for my piccies...but alas, it was too slow and I never used it again!

When I signed up for it, I paid for the 1 year membership and didnt tick any boxes for a re-accuring payment from my account and as I have been a member since 2008...or so my account tells me... I have never had a re-ocurring bill!....

But this month they have taken $24.99 which amounts to £16.64 out of my account without my permission, just as they have annonced their closing!!! Hmmm! Dodgy me finks!

I think this is probably a con, because they have never renewed my account before since 2008 and yet the year they are closing they have! sounds suspicious doesn't it!

It also sounds suspicious because they are advertising that if you are a Premium User...which apparently I was, I would get a refund...So what a surprise it was to realise I didnt qualify, because my subscription had run out on the 18th January before the qualifying date of the 20th!

Has this happened to you? Please let me know..as I have tried to get help on the PICNIK helpline...but all you do is go round and round in circles...getting nowhere fast! Grrrr!!



  1. Ring up your bank and say under the direct debit guarantee you would like to recall that direct debit

    Stinks of a con big style and some nasty person is sat on lots of innocent peoples cash, evil creature!

    Hope you get it sorted

  2. I use Picnik but I never paid for any of its services (thank goodness). Good advice from Dazie :) I love the way they say that anyone can now use their "premium" service free of charge now they are closing down! hmph!

  3. Never heard of PICNIK but it loks like you have been conned. I would try Trading Standards to see if they can help.
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Oh good luck! It is awful the way these things happen. I don't use their service myself but I will warn my daughter-in-law. I know she has used them but hasn't been on her computer lately. I hope you get it resovled...and Yes..it sounds a bit scammish to me! xo Diana

  5. ooh I just been fiddling about on picnik airbrushing some photos just because I could now its free,(sad, I know but there you go)
    I was sorry to see they would be closing but how miffed you must be Happs!! I'd be well pissed off if they did that to me too!
    Do that bank thing that Dazie suggested... xx

  6. I got that email too! I never paid for any of the services thankfully,this is the side of the internet I dont like!very frustrating,hope you get sorted

  7. I agree about contacting your bank if it is a Direct Debit, sounds like they have breached the conditions.
    I'd be seriously pissed off too.
    Carol xx

  8. I use Picnik almost daily, but I am not a paying member...I hope that everything will get sorted out for you..!

    Hugs, Jenny

  9. I got the same email and they said they will be refunding everyone's money. I'm sure it will take time. Sad to see them go I used it often.

  10. EXACTLY the same thing happened to me. My money was taken from my PayPal account. I filed a complaint with PayPal and told them that I did not receive what I ordered, nor did I authorize the withdrawal. When you do this, they take back the money and hold it pending a resolution. I got a personal email this afternoon and "Sky" from Picnik said that they gave me a refund. They did not. I am so mad! If everyone would contact paypal or their credit card company and protest the purchase, Picnik might give our money back.

  11. Wow! I am glad I never signed up for the premium features! I do like Picnik for editing, and was pretty disappointed to see them announce their closing date, but this makes me feel that maybe I'm better off with another service!

    Hope it all gets sorted!

  12. I never liked Picnik because it was so slow to load so thankfully I never upgraded and used another photo editing free online service. Yes, it does sound dodgy, hope your Bank can help you resolve the unauthorized debit to your account!

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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