I just stumbled upon this on the net...and had to share! lol! Its Hilarious!...and so true!
I couldnt find the source - so if anyone knows please tell me and I'll credit them :)



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Useful Dog Tricks performed by Jesse

'Ello Folks...Long time no see!...do Excuse me while I Snooze a bit!!! zzzzzzzz!
Hic! Woof!...I have just been watchin' videos of my Fwend Jesse! and he has made me feel veeery Snoozy!...Let me know what you think! I am sure he is not a real doggy! I think he is a robot dog! otherwise all he would want to do all day is 'Snooze'! Like me! Woof Woof!

& Mr Max Snooz'ems! xx


Fantastic ATC Ideas



How to Make a Wig Wam

I was flicking through some of my vintage magazines, when I came across a rather clever idea... How to make a Wig Wam ! Wow! and so so easy!...So I thought I would post the instructions on my little blog here...

I thought it would be a good idea to make (while the kids are still at school) for an Easter pressie for them....as they get so many choccie eggs from relations don't they!

It could even be used as part of a Easter Egg hunt placed in the garden for fun!
Just follow these simple instructions.....Alas I have no little'uns to make this for! but I am sure our little doggie Max would love it :)
Just like the little pooch inside in this piccie!

Happy Wig Wam Making Gals :)

Meet Clare @ Polly Dolly Vintage

Please go and introduce yourselves gals...and tell her Happy sent cha!

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Creating Vintage Charm Magazine

  Issue 3: Spring 2011

In this issue: ~Plan your Spring Garden Party with beautiful picks from several talented artists and designers ~Featured Artist Cindy Adkins ~Interview with Designer Christina Strutt ~Home tour with Happy Harris ~Tutorials and How to’s you DO NOT want to miss by Karla Nathan, Elyse Major, Mandy Strunk ~In every Issue- Featured Art Gallery, Events Calendar, Free Cut out Images for your creations. ~New- Featured Crafter’s Show


...This fabulous Spring edition of Creating Vintage Charm Magazine...

This magazine is only available to purchase online.  Its the brainchild of Sonia Crouse...for people in 'the know'!

So come on gal!....purchase a copy....I am sure you will not be disappointed :)

A Happy Giveaway

I have decided to have my giveaway this week...I have been collecting little 'Bargains' for a while now (especially for this give-away) and I did blog about it a little HERE.

A Wonderful Shop Design

This wonderful shop design was created and designed by me! for Amanda Bloom Hairdressing...doesn't it look fabulous!

Well Done Amanda and the very best of Luck from Happy and the gang!


Jacob Lusk

I watched this guy on American Idol and he is Super! I love him to bits...all the comments from the judges were sooo true...Please tell me this guy won the show!

He is my Artist of the week!

Bargain Buys....

I thought I would show you some of my recent bargains that I have placed in and around my home lately....Firstly (above) is a pretty little diamonte crown brooch that I have pinned on my favourite vintage dutch dolly...you see, my local charity shop was having a 'retro week' and luckily I managed to get there just as they were opening...and as they say! 'The early bird gets the worm'!
Also I have been out and about in Town...we have quite a few £1 stores there, which is great for toiletries and medicines...
only the other day I picked up a load of medicine for the 'orrible flu that has run through all of us....I am the last one to get it and I have been coughing for England and sleeping around the clock lately! my nose is soooo sore! it feels like it is going to 'drop off' any minute!lol!

What I did manage to get when I was out and before I took ill was those lovely 'tacky' flowers above left piccy...I have two bunches in that jug....I paid £2.00 for the jug in a charity shop and £1.00 each for the flowers in a shop called 'Mighty Pound' which I so love going into!  Its like you have  been dropped into Moscow about 20 years ago!  They have things there like furry toilet seats!!!  and the tackiest ornaments...which you wouldn't pick for 1 bingo win! lol!  but amoungst the tat! there is some lovely 'happy tacky' pieces that I can never leave behind! and these flowers are amoungst them :)
I have collected quite a few pieces from there lately and I will be hosting a give-away as soon as I am better again!...don't worry gals...I have picked some lovely bits and pieces and its not just from 'Mighty Pound'...phew I can hear you all sigh!...the pieces are from other shops that I frequent...I have had quite a ball! collecting the bits and bobs!

Also I picked up that rather beautiful make-up bag (above) and soooo Cath Kidston in style! from Primark  Primarni! well we call it that anyway! lol! that was a bargain at only £4.00!
Also at the Charity shop Retro week....I bagged this towelling apron pinny and retro lamp...you can actually unscrew the base of it and replace the flower with another or something else! which is soooooo faberooni! don't you think!

Freddy managed to get my valentines cards on Ebay (above) which I cannot bare to put away....he bought me quite a few, as I love the older cards, rather than the new varieties!  This one will stay out forever I think! and placed on top of our new cupboard....it sure looks swell!   

I'll be in touch again soon my luverlies, sorry its been a little while! but as soon as I have shaken off this terrible cold...I'll be back with my give-away :)

Speak soon,