Happy Loves Roses ...

 It was until I started to look through my pictures that I realised how much I actually love flowers....and not just any old flower either! But Roses! they have been my favourite flower forever!
Right from laying them, with my Dad, as a little girl on my Nanna's grave to my lovely hubby sending me 24 red roses the day after we first met!
....and it wasnt until the other day when I decided to look through our pile of quilts that I realised how far the addiction had got...you see I decided to sell some (quilts) on a well known auction site to raise some money for chrimbo!
When I came across these two below a crocheted one and this pretty duck edged blue durham quilt...these had been lost and tucked away in amoungst all the others...I was thrilled to find them!

Happy loves Kirstie Allsopp

I was watching Kirstie's Homemade Home on catchup last night and to my surprise, I watched and drooled over her lovely new addition that she found at the lincolnshire Antiques Fair.....
For it was our Holivan in miniture! I am sitting here tapping my fingers on the table! Waiting! and I am still waiting for that phone call! for I am sure she bought it with me in mind!....I know! Perhaps she is saving it for me until Christmas!

Yes it will be a lovely surprise!....I'll wait a little longer then Kirstie, :)
Isn't it great having like minded friends :)))))


Today I had a Brainwave!

Hello gals! today I had a brainwave! I know! I know! It doesn't happen that often! lol....but as I have left the garden to overgrow quite a bit lately! I need a gardener! Badly! I decided to tie the BIG WEED type thingy in the front garden up with some HAPPY ribbon!
Why oh Why I hear you holla....because this contraption does look rather SAD!

Desperately seeking the words .....

I am desperately trying to write a blog...but I am finding it very difficult! there are so many things I want to say - but I can't get the words out in the right order....

I am still here and I want to write about so many things....but I just have no energy or want!...Yeah I am contradicting myself there a bit aren't I...but that is the way I am feeling...I am in an 'any how' mood...and it has been going on for a few months now!