Hello! Max 'ere!

Yes I am still here you gals and guys!....and keeping well :)

I hope all you blogging pets are keeping well too...keep in touch y'all!

and a Happy Monday to ya!


  1. Oh Maxie! You are too cute! My son Elliott says hello and if you ever want a little friend he would love to play football with you!

    Love the blog as always Happy!

    Big blog hugs, Sadie at Flea xxx

  2. Oh, Maxie, you have the SWEETEST face...I wish that I could arrange a Play Date for you and me. I would love to have you come over and play....your Mommie puts the bestest pictures of you on the blog. If I could TWITCH my nose and get a doggie just like YOU to live with me I would. Keep an eye on Mommie!

  3. Hi Max!
    This is Webster, a Miniature Schnauzer from the Midwest in the US. I can't believe Mommie finally got off of the computer long enough for me to get my paws on it!

    It's really hot here...it's all a dog can do to stay cool enough outside...I'm not much for water, so swimming isn't an option. My best time is sitting in the house with Mum in the cool air conditioning and putting my head on her computer as she's trying to type. (It's my ADORABLE look...it gets her every time)

    Thanks for taking time out to write! More soon!


  4. Well hi there Max! Your adorable face makes me want a little friend that looks just like you! Do you have any cousins here in Texas???

  5. Ahhhh, what a little cutie! My 3 dogs are well thank you, in fact Ralph is now on my dogbook, the others following soon . Suzie xxx

  6. My Paisley says, hey he looks just like me!!!!

    Hi from Paisley!

  7. Max is so cute! He looks just like my Westie Robin. Don't you just love those little big dogs?

    Love, Debby

  8. Max is the cutest thing in the world. Now I thought my Bella Bleu was but Max is tops too!!!! He makes me smile.


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