Happy New friends....

Lookee here gals at my Secret Santa wonderful  parcel that I received nearly two weeks ago....but saved for Christmas Day to open! Do you remember that Victoria and Kelly was holding this swap and I helped them with the button for it!

CHRISTMAS DAY is nearly upon us ....

Christmas day is nearly upon us and I have been so busy that I havn't reported here about half the things that I said I would...sorry! I have been bad! real bad!...I have actually got caught up in the christmas frenzy thingy!...but this year it is different...I am enjoying it!

Christmas Countdown

Well gals, here we are with a week to go until Christmas Day...doesn't time fly when you are having fun! I actually said that I wouldn't go mad this year...but I still seem to find myself out and about! and in a PANIC!....This morning we woke up to a blanket of snow...and 'blighty' is not very good at coping with these kind of conditions, listening to the news, the weather men were advising not to go out at all!....and driving Rosie to work we realised that most people had decided to take that advice....it was very treacherous on the roads, but seeing as we were out, I took this opportunity to get a few more presents at the shopping centre, as there was hardly anyone out shopping!

Christmas at Happy's House

Ok gals, heres my pictures of my Dining room all christmasted up!...we have decided to put the bigger of the two trees in the Dining room as there is more space....and again we have chosen red white and blue for the tree.


Oh my goodness! I am soooooo sorry for not being around for a while there! Oh and how vain it was of me to broadcast about my birthday, only to leave you all for more than a week!...without an update!  Thank you all so much for my birthday wishes :) I had such a lovely day...well it all started the day before actually, as my lovely son Daz paid me a surprise visit from Uni, to wish me a HAPPY Birthday....as you can imagine...I was grinning from ear to ear!  it was such a lovely surprise!

HAPPY Birthday !

hAPPY'S bIRTHDAY, originally uploaded by HAPPY LOVES ROSIE.

Hello Gals...Yes its December 2nd and its my Birthday Yippeeeee! 

May I first Thank all the lovely people that have sent me such lovely emails...from my previous post...I received such heartfelt messages from lovely lovely gals...you have all made my day...honestly - Thank you so much :) Those of you that have a blog I will be adding you to my HAPPY BLOGS :) list soon.