How green are you!

I think I have just made the BIGGEST carrier bag store EVER!! hee hee!
Its 3ft long and stuffed full!!...Now if only I could remember to take them with me when I go to the supermarket! LOL!

Love Happy x

Make do and mend....!

Hey gals...look at this 'Make do and Mend' idea!

Don't go buying yourself a new mouse mat....this little idea works just as well! 
Yes its a quarter of a vintage scrabble board game! you must have several unused games lying around the house! The finish on them is brilliant...and just perfect for the job! and looks soooo much better too! 

I wouldn't be without mine :)

Love Happy x

Happy's vintage ramblings....

Hello everyone, I do hope you are all well :) ....swine flu has been talked about quite alot this week, have you noticed! ....and everytime they mention the symptoms...I seem to think I have them!...they seem to change as well! have you noticed!...I have been thinking....ah well! I havn't got a sore throat, so I'll be Ok...but the other night they never mentioned anything about a sore throat! SHOCK!

I CAN SEW !!!!!

Isn't this a lovely piece of material (above) I have had it for about a year now and apart from covering my shopping trolley with it...I havn't done much else. So the other day I dug it out. You see I have an itch in my know the type! I wanted to make something, but wasnt really sure how! and I wanted to use this yesterday I started....surely it wouldn't take long!!!!


Hello gals...Thank goodness its Saturday...and what a lovely day again, especially now the wind has died down!...the garden took a beating last week...everything was blowing around and we had to do a rescue job with our pots and plants as lot of them were strewn all around the garden!...but today is lovely and sunny...the thought of those dark nights coming! arghh! I hate them...I love the long days and will miss them sooo much! Anyway lets get on with it - enough already of the weather! LOL!...