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Every time I go out...I look around and see so many people wearing black! and to be honest I was one of those people!...When I had blonde hair I used to think it suited me and I thought it made me look slim!...but all it was doing was making me feel dowdy and lifeless!
I don't know whether I am having a mid-life crisis or what...but I have got rid of all my black (cosy clothes and nightwear exempt!LOL) and have started to wear colour, colour, colour!

So I thought I would show you a sampler of where I am AT, at the minute! I don't give a damn whether it is IN fashion or OUT! I used to wear a lot of asymmetrical clothing kinda like what is in the shops at the moment! HA! thats ME...just moving out of a it all gets popular...I suppose some would say I am ahead of my Individual...which I suppose I this seems to be a re-occurance for me!

One things for sure, whether its a mid life crisis or not....I have finally been freed of the self doubt and worrying about what people might think about me...I clash colour, checks with stripes, spots with flowers...and I am finally happy that way...Happy with myself...Happy with life! Get rid of your black girls and start wearing will brighten your Life!

Don't forget plenty of liquid eye liner and red lipstick !

...And the Winner Is....!

And the winner is.....

ELLY from My Everyday Things click 'HERE' to view her wonderful Blog.
I was able to pick the winner using 'The True Random Generator'

I would just like to thank....from the bottom of my heart, EVERYONE for taking part in this Give-away :)
I soooo enjoyed reading all your wonderful comments...You all put a smile on my face...its so obvious that we all love blogging...but from this, perhaps we can also learn to switch the computer off occasionally and do other things....walking the dog...playing with the kids....and more boring mundane things like Ironing...YUK, we all hate it - but someones gotta do it!LOL!

I like what Victoria @ Vintage Tea said, she gets all her chores done first and then switches on the computer in her spare time! she is soooo good eh!

Oh and I did take a peek on Sunday morning....just for 5 minutes...but honestly gals...that was all...I actually enjoyed myself, I managed to weed and mow the lawn....catch up on some well deserved sleep, clean and dust the whole house, makeover my laundry room and do all the Ironing! PHEW!

xx Thanks again gals...I love ya all xx

Happy's Weekend Give away...

I have been blogging for England lately...and I have really enjoyed it, but it has taken its toll and I am getting cramp in my I really do need a break :). So I have agreed to put my computer away Friday afternoon and not switch it on again until Monday morning...Hmmmm! its going to be very difficult for me as my computer is such a big part of my lifestyle...but there is so much other stuff that I should be doing, so I am up for the challenge!

Anyway...I would like you all to leave a comment about what you like to do when you are not on your computer and what things you need to be catching up on if you have been on it too much lately! These days there is so many clubs and groups to join on here, that it can really take over...and its so much nicer to be reading gals blogs, than doing the hoovering...don't you agree! :)

Right down to the nitty gritty...this Give away is for the stripey 'Handmade by Happy Harris' bag, the pink and green, also handmade by Me @/*-*\@ button necklace and the pretty vintage embroidered hankerchief.

How wonderful is that...a perfect summer accessory kit, waiting here for you to win....Now the rules are, you can have as many goes as you like...I just need a different reason for each comment...and on monday evening 30th March, I will be drawing a winner...So what are you waiting for chicks!

Happy weekending gals, I shall look forward to reading your comments on monday morning :)

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These Awards still make me HAPPY ;)

Receiving AWARDS still brings a smile to my face, everyone likes to be praised...and little Ole ME is no exception...I have received this KREATIVE BLOGGER award from two bloggers this week...Firstly from SIAN @ A DIARY OF A TINYHOLDER and secondly from ES @ ES-PRESSO BLOG.


The rules are that you have to list 7 things that you LOVE and link to the gals that have tagged you and then choose 7 more gals to give this KREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD too!...Simple!

So read on honey's...although there is many things in this world that I absolutely adore! Here is seven of them!








I am passing this award on to these lovely Ladies :-

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PS - I also received a LEMONADE AWARD this week from DANDELION GIRL @ ROOTS AND WINGS Blog....

Thank you so much honey....

I am to choose blogs that show much attitude and I am giving this award to everyone that has ever commented on my blog...I wish that I had the time to answer you all....I love receiving comments, just like anyone else...You all make my world ROCK!

Go Spread the Lemonade love and nominate 7 other people you think deserve this funky attitude award :)

Wordless Wednesday

A very dear friend told me to watch I am passing it on to you...PLEASE WATCH IT - It will bring a warm smile to your face :)

Cath Kidston, Tattoo's and Hummers!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day yesterday...mine was FAB...and I received some lovely gifts too, Rosie bought me some curling tongs...well she had to really as I already had a pair that she had pinched ages ago, and now you might as well say they were hers....she takes them away to her friends sleepovers most weekends...especially when I need to use them!! they have been used on everyone, as she can curl peoples hair gorgeously.

I also received these lovely gifts from my darling hubby, I did ask for a MAKE book, I had wrote it off before, because I had read so many bad reports about it...and yes it is a basic book, but then Cath doesn't claim anything more! What I actually wanted it for was the templates...I really feel that I can make good use of these, decorating my clothes and making jewelery I was very excited when I opened it.
I was also lucky enough to receive these wonderful badges and lovely neckerchief (I love wearing neckerchiefs!) from my wonderful son....ahh bless him (all the way from University!)...Easters coming up! So I will be in for a treat!! ha ha ha! he started in September and so far he has only managed to do about 1 load of washing himself!!!! ERRRRRR! Yes good ole Mum has done all the rest....but this time I haven't seen him for about 10 weeks!!!!! DOUBLE ERRRRR! LOL!

We ventured up to London again this weekend and whilst we were in the CK shop...I can never resist! I met Randy....SAY HELLO! Now she works here in the Covent Garden CK and she is from America!...Well when I saw her tattoos...I just had to ask her if I could take some piccies as they are soooo COOL!...No I still havn't choosen what to have yet...but I am getting there, I definitely love the retro 1950's style of tattoo's hearts, flowers, anchors, swallows etc, etc. So I suppose that's why I was drawn to Randi's.
This is sooooo coooool isn't it! Louis Vuitton flowers and cherries...Soooo original! I love it!
....And would you look at these....I love this kinda style.

....And she did tell me that this one was inspired by an artist that she loves...but I cannot remember the name...Perhap's some of you gals out there know who she means?....Isn't it lovely, and sooooo cute!
On our way home, I had to take a picture of my favorite car! Oh if only I was rich! I would buy one of these like a shot!...I get so excited when I see these beauties...I know they are totally impractical...but they are so MEATY and MEAN! Oh I suppose a gal can dream!

The next best thing has got to be, for ME! this wonderful NISSAN CUBE, kinda like a Mini Hummer he he he! and more to my price range...they are wonderful cars...they are Japanese of course and they are gradually being imported into our we are seeing a few more of them on the streets! Of course I would have to have a brightly coloured one!...I think I'd have to change the color of my wheels to Red with a Red interior...What do you think?

Thanks for dropping by gals,

Mothers Day...Inspirations and Creations...

(Please click on a photo to reveal a larger sized view)
I decided to make linen Mother's Day cards today! as in true Happy tradition I had to get everything out before I could start!! Our Dining room table is a hive of creativity most days...

We are all artists in our own right...and love to sit around the table chatting and laughing and listening to Radio 4! although I insist on turning it over when the shipping forecast comes on!! :)

Well I did say it was a mess...just look at it all here! Phew!...I hope you can get the idea, from the pictures...I cut 3 pieces of linen and backed them in card...with the help of the computer for my fonts...I typed out a message for the front and the back and adhered them to linen.

Together with old postcards, vintage material and buttons etc I got to work putting it all together...they just kinda evolved as they went along....I have an old scrapbook of vintage lace, so I included a piece behind an old 'Happy families' card that I had machined on...pictured below...(oh and sorry about the pathetic picture of max! We'll, he looked sooo cute we just had to take this piccy of him!) hehehe!.

They turned out much better than I expected...I made 3 pages for each...and at the end I machined all three together...I made two cards, one for my Mum and one for Freddie's Mum...I shall be tying them up with a large ribbon....and presenting them to our Mothers at the weekend! Rosie also got crafty and made some cards...she machined the pretty patterns on the cards herself...she is so talented!

...And there you have it....Handmade linen Mothers Day cards, why don't you have a go! they are so much more personal than shop bought cards...I hope I have inspired you to get creative here!


Fred also loves getting is perfect for him as he can sit down and create at the same time! he loves scrap booking in Moleskine he has covered one in an old book cover and these pictures show what kinda thing he does...

He also draws and paints...but I'll have to show you some of his other work on another post...alot of the Emphemera in these pictures...we have found recently.

He takes pieces from newpapers...current affairs, fashion and pop along with Emphemera that we have picked up over the years...we have always liked to collect this kinda use to anyone...but perfect for creating one-off works of art!


As you know Rosie is my Gal, we are Best Friends as well as Mother and Daughter...We took her out of school 3 years ago now and it was the best thing that we ever done, main school education worked for my son...but it was not for Rosie.

We do our own thing...we learn what we want - when we want with no peer pressure...she has a large network of friends and is hoping to go to college in September...naturally I do seem to do alot of art with her..but we learn other things together too...lots of things...its been really fun having her at home with us...I shall never forget this time :)

...And these are some of her creations...she has scrapbooked for an age...but she likes to incorporate mixed media, and pen and ink drawings...I love it that she likes to experiment with colour...and I love her creations...she is my gal xx

Hope you enjoyed a little insight into our day...
I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all you gals, a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY this Sunday xx

See you all again next week :)