I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day yesterday...mine was FAB...and I received some lovely gifts too, Rosie bought me some curling tongs...well she had to really as I already had a pair that she had pinched ages ago, and now you might as well say they were hers....she takes them away to her friends sleepovers most weekends...especially when I need to use them!! they have been used on everyone, as she can curl peoples hair gorgeously.

I also received these lovely gifts from my darling hubby, I did ask for a MAKE book, I had wrote it off before, because I had read so many bad reports about it...and yes it is a basic book, but then Cath doesn't claim anything more! What I actually wanted it for was the templates...I really feel that I can make good use of these, decorating my clothes and making jewelery etc...so I was very excited when I opened it.
I was also lucky enough to receive these wonderful badges and lovely neckerchief (I love wearing neckerchiefs!) from my wonderful son....ahh bless him (all the way from University!)...Easters coming up! So I will be in for a treat!! ha ha ha! he started in September and so far he has only managed to do about 1 load of washing himself!!!! ERRRRRR! Yes good ole Mum has done all the rest....but this time I haven't seen him for about 10 weeks!!!!! DOUBLE ERRRRR! LOL!

We ventured up to London again this weekend and whilst we were in the CK shop...I can never resist! I met Randy....SAY HELLO! Now she works here in the Covent Garden CK and she is from America!...Well when I saw her tattoos...I just had to ask her if I could take some piccies as they are soooo COOL!...No I still havn't choosen what to have yet...but I am getting there, I definitely love the retro 1950's style of tattoo's hearts, flowers, anchors, swallows etc, etc. So I suppose that's why I was drawn to Randi's.
This is sooooo coooool isn't it! Louis Vuitton flowers and cherries...Soooo original! I love it!
....And would you look at these....I love this kinda style.

....And she did tell me that this one was inspired by an artist that she loves...but I cannot remember the name...Perhap's some of you gals out there know who she means?....Isn't it lovely, and sooooo cute!
On our way home, I had to take a picture of my favorite car! Oh if only I was rich! I would buy one of these like a shot!...I get so excited when I see these beauties...I know they are totally impractical...but they are so MEATY and MEAN! Oh I suppose a gal can dream!

The next best thing has got to be, for ME! this wonderful NISSAN CUBE, kinda like a Mini Hummer he he he! and more to my price range...they are wonderful cars...they are Japanese of course and they are gradually being imported into our country...so we are seeing a few more of them on the streets! Of course I would have to have a brightly coloured one!...I think I'd have to change the color of my wheels to Red with a Red interior...What do you think?

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  1. I love this blog! Such a daily dose of eye candy!
    LaMaisonFou blog

  2. I love that birdie tattoo, some of the american quilt fabric designers do some similar retro patterns you could use for inspiration, I think Alexander Henry is one?

    That is so weird, I've just done a post about mean cars, the more beastly and manly the better.

    I have an award for you! :-)

  3. Haha, I do come up with my own weird ideas. I think your style is what I like, lovely vibrant bright colours in with muted vintage florals. It's nice to see because for so long now this sort of muted french look has been around, whilst it's pretty and very elegant, it's not fun enough! :-)

    I got the Darling buds of may box set from Tim for Christmas and my god, I was watching it for the wonderful 1950s kitchen in the background!

    When are you next at Ardingly? I must go there - I've been to the country shows but not the antiques ones.

  4. Earth to planet Mars, we have not celebrated Mothers Day yet.... It will be on May 10th, I know you are on the other side of the world but I had no clue we celebrated Mothers Day at different times, just like those crazy Christmas Trees you guys hang upside down. You are a riot and I LOVE visiting your Colorful Blog!

  5. You've been very spoiled.
    These gifts are so pretty.
    Again, spring arrives and it makes me happy.
    I send you my friendship.

  6. I was so confused when you were talking about Mother's Day! I thought you were just really early! It's in May here in the US - how weird!

  7. oh I just LOVE that girls tattoos..the old school 50s style is just so gorgeous!

  8. Fabulous Mother's Day gifts you received.

    Victoria xx

  9. for the bird design, the artists name is caia koopman
    and her website is:


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