Well Gal's I have finally arrived here, back on my happy loves rosie's blog, all the more educated about the WWW! You see it all started this time last week, I was fine in the day and then suddenly in the evening I started to get a cold clammy sweat...I started to feel extremely sick (and I hate being sick!!!) there I was in the bathroom breathing through these exasperating sweats, with the most awful stomach ache! a bit like the one I had here I was getting hotter and hotter and didn't know where to go or what to do, so I stripped off (don't laugh!) and laid on my bed gripping a pillow for comfort. Freddy sat with me (Bless him! well we are married!) and tried to help me through the pain...it felt like I was having a contraction without the gaps.....I couldn't stand it no longer and asked Freddy to call an Ambulance....I know I was naked at the time! - so quick thinking Freddy pulled the first nightdress that he could find out of the draw, The ambulance guys were with us in no time and I was whisked off into the ambulance at the end of our garden....there they gave me a few tests and decided to take me into hospital...I was in agony!

We arrived at the Hospital about 10 minutes later....I was covered in sticky press studs and looking like death warmed up!...I looked around and a lot of the doctors and nurses looked like death warmed up too! Bless them they do work extremely hard! anyway they wheeled me round to a bed and laid me on it....Hmmm not very comfortable!...but then this was the NHS! if you wasn't ill enough....it was going to be death by hard uncomfortable bed syndrome!!! by then Fred and Rosie had arrived so I had some company!

After about 8 hours of tests, feeling sick, being sick.....having to have a pregnancy test!!! (don't ask!) 2 X-rays, 2 trips out to the Ladies IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE A & E WAITING ROOM in my ever so lovely "chosen by experts" nightdress (which I might add, was too short!) had cats on it (I don't even own a cat!) with eyes missing! (so chic!) and my lovely fluffy whitish, more greyish dressing gown (I did ask Father Christmas for a new one!) and to top it all, to match my varicosed veined legs (which NO ONE ever, was ever going to see this century!) was my lovely pink furry fluffy slippers from PER UNA ( probably the only nice thing about my ensemble...and they were on my feet!!!!!!) They then gave me 6 different blood tests and decided I had Pneumonia! OMG PNEUMONIA ....isn't that what OLD people get?

Apparently not...it is growing here in the UK.....You see I had had another terrible cough, it had lasted the whole of January (again!)...even my neighbours new about it (OoOPpp's) As I just couldn't get rid of it...apparently the Pneumonia comes after the cough if you get a further infection...and thats what had happened to me...so they perscribed me with a strong course of antibiotics and some pain killers and asked if I wanted to be treated at the hospital or go home....but after Fred told me that when he had visted the men's toilets he saw 6 cockroaches crawling around by the drain YUK - needless to say, I decided to come home!!! I must say though the doctors and nurses are brilliant there...but I do think they need to look at there cleaning contractors...it looks like they are having problems!

Anyway I have been in bed now for a week, and the antibiotics that I am on have been making me feel even iller...Its a feeling I can only compare to bad car sickness with chest pain...oooh its 'orrible, I am just now beginning to feel slightly better, so I might go downstairs tomorrow, for a change of scenery! Little Joe (he's 7 years old!) popped in from next door to see if I was OK when we arrived home from the hospital last week and sitting on his Dad's lap, he said "Dad...Mum must have NewMOANia because she is always MOANING!!!" Kids eh....don't we just love 'em to bits! he he he!

So back to the beginning...I don't often check other website's and spend hours on the WWW but these last few days thats all I do seem to be doing, to pass the time, as long as I am resting my head and taking the tablets!...I have found so many great things....I have found TWITTER! I didn't know what I was doing at first, but its so addictive once you start following people!
I have also come across Dali Decals on Etsy...which is a fabulous shop for decorating your walls in an up-to-date contemporary manor.....here's some of the art they feature for sale :-

Whilst I was surfing the net I also came across a blogging friend that I have admired for absolutely ages and that is Jenny Heid from Everyday is a holiday blog...I love her art so much and she and her partner Aaron are so dedicated to what they do.....they live in New York (a wonderful place I might add!) and paint in their studio all day...they are a pair well matched as they are so talented....

Here is a selection of my fav's from their shop :-

I've definitely saved the best till last eh...with all those lovely vintagy prints!....I hope you will be snapping them all up soon!

Anyway I am going to sign off now, as its nearly bedtime....I have so much more to share with you, I have been nominated for 3 awards this week too....but I shall post about that tomorrow xx

Bye for now


  1. I've been wondering where you've been!! I hope you're feeling better soon. Try to relax, and as Jenny H says "Relax and have a cupcake"

  2. I do hope you feel better soon! it surely is no fun to be sick! At least you still have a cheery disposition and thank god for the internet eh?

  3. Oh my you poor thing, what a terrible story, it is always the same when ever you are rushed to Hospital your P.J.'s are never the right or proper ones. What a scare but sure am glad you are home to laugh about the whole darn situation
    Jenn and Arron are very talented artist and such a great blog she has. I too have been a fan of hers. Well girlfriend get better, lot's of homemade soups (:
    Take Care, Diane

  4. Oh Happy what on ordeal for you, hope you are up and feeling better soon! I'll jump over to Twitter and see what that is about since you think it is fab. Hang in there.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  5. I hope you feel better.

  6. I have had pneumonia twice in 10 months ( most recently in November) and I thought I couldn't feel any worse. YUK! I know what you mean about the medicine making you feel horrible too! I laughed when I read that you thought it was only what OLD people got. I thought that too!! I think I even commented that same sentence to my husband the first time I got "amonia" as my 8 yr old Nicholas says!
    Hope you are soon better.

  7. so sorry about your trip to the hospital! just found your blog and think it is fabulous. can't wait and will stay tuned! pamela

  8. Goodness me!
    Sorry to read you have been se very poorly, but pleased you are feeling a bit brighter.
    Don't like the sound of those cockroaches, don't blame you for choosing to come home. No placer nicer than home anyway is there?
    Take care.

  9. Poor you!!!
    that sounds awful, I do hope you get better soon,

  10. I'm so sorry you habe been so ill how awful....here is a big (((hug))xxxx

  11. Oh dear,sorry to hear that you've been so poorly.Hope you are on the mend soon!I'm off to find out what Twitter is all about!
    Take care
    Rachel x

  12. Poor you!! Get well soon as I keep following you on Twitter ... tweet ... tweet xox

  13. Good grief that sounds very scary. Glad to hear that you are on the mend now, antibiotics do the same to me - make me feel even worse.
    Keep warm and cosy and you'll be back on your feet in no time. Love all your 'finds' that is some amazing artwork.

  14. What a grotty week! I hope you are on the mend and feel lots better soon. (((((hugs)))))) Pixie. xx

  15. You poor thing! I've missed your blog this last week. Best wishes for a full recovery, soon!

  16. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a message, love your posts hope you are well soon

  17. Wishing you well very soon.

    I loveJenny & Aaron's work, I'm proud to say i have a couple of pieces ready to be hung on the walls as soon as I get my own home.

    Victoria xx

  18. Oh poor you, that is so nasty, i'm so glad your starting to feel better. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X

  19. Just catching up with the blogs, and so sorry to hear about how ill you've been. I hope you're making a good recovery. I loved the way you wrote about it, especially the cat nightie! xxx

  20. Oh my,hope you are feeling much better now,what a ordeal to go through. Bless your heart!


  21. Hi H,
    So sorry to read of your recent illness...I hope that you will feel much better very soon...
    Perhaps Fred could get on the sewing machine and make a patchwork nightdress for you!?

    Take care,
    Niki x


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