Yesterday I thought I would take my shopping trolley out for an airing, so I popped on the bus, introduced myself to the bus driver and nearly passed out at the price for the ride to my local town, about 3 miles away! £1.60!!!!! for one way! No surely not, surely he was having me on here! any way I paid my fair trying to not look too shocked, seeing as the last time I'd had a ride on a bus was about 25 years ago and the fair then, was about 30p! Luckily the bus was empty and I could sit down fairly quickly with my trolley next to me and to get over the shock of it all! he he!

I arrived in town, a little dishevelled, what with the shock of the fare, the struggle to get the trolley on the bus! and my getting up and down helping people to get on and off...I was ready to go home and have an afternoon nap! I strolled down the High Street, trolley in tow, I called in at the butchers to get some chops and sausages and placed them into the trolley, Oh how handy it was, I received a few nice comments about it too, which really made my day.

I wanted to treat myself, as I seem to be losing weight lately, and most of my clothes are too loose. It must of been all that moving furniture thats made me shift the pounds. Anyway I decided to look in a few charity shops and I found a wonderful Pink tunic in 'The British Heart Foundation' for £3.30 it was a size 18...and still had its labels attached. I was so Happy when I tried it on and it fitted, as I had previously been buying a size 24!

I had a little potter about town and a look in a few book shops, but decided that I would join the Library again to be a bit more greener. I then went back to the bus stop to catch the bus home. I didn't have to wait long either....Apart from the shock of the bus ride there, I really enjoyed my little trip out...I felt from the car, greener and more liberated for some reason....I'll definitely be taking my trolley out again! You never know I might set off a new trend :)

Bye for now.


  1. What a pretty you will look lovely in it!

    Have a super evening!xxx

  2. Yes, I will definitely link back to you. :) I plan to put a link in my sidebar. Blog is kinda under construction right now...

  3. Thank you so much for the sweet award so long a go! I have been crazy these past months! But I hope you and your family are having a fabulous 2009 and send Fred my hello too! Cool shopper : )


  4. Happy your funny, love to read your postings! Hell-o'ssss all the way from fort worth texas
    congrats on losing weight, you wear the same size as me....

  5. Happy, you always come up with bright Happy pictures and I love reading your blog.. and would love to win your giveaway.. do count me in.. you are very creative too!..

    Have a great weekend! and toodles!

  6. Thats funny i also took my trolly out last weekend, first time in years, though i didnt go on a bus! my goodness me what an expense.
    Lovely top and an absolute bargain.
    Well done honey. :-)

  7. What a beautiful coloured top. Isn't it great buying clothes in smaller sizes!

    Victoria x

  8. Am loving your blog! Will likely lose hours here. ;)

  9. Hello!
    Really interesting to hear about your trolley outing :: i live local to a great town which has a good market and independent shops...been teetering on the edge of buying a trolley to do my shopping with as I do it all on foot and carry heavy bags home. But I haven't seen one single trolley in my town ever. I am scared to get one, but it would make such good sense!
    Need to be brave and not worry about what others think. Your trolley makeover is beautiful btw.


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