...What do I look like......!

Oh my Woofness! What do I look like......they said a trim!.....not a scalp!.....I was a bit chilly this afternoon, I was shaking.....No really shaking, I thought I would get the sympathy vote and get given a bone or something, but no - they put on these dungarees instead!....I might do a fashion show soon - I might as well, Ive got more clothes than my master - huh, you think I am joking, now Ive been scalped they have an excuse for me to wear them! still I do look rather dapper don't you think.....I might check out our Island soon and see if I can find myself a hot little chick!!!....still the cat next door can't resist me, I might have a mooch into the garden later.....woof woof for now - max xx

Max reporting......!

Hello max reporting, I must just let you know that my parents have safely returned home from holiday...and theres news that they could be giving me a haircut, well I am lying low!! I like my shabbyness - but I am rather knotty......anyway I'll hide when they come to find me.... hope all you fellow animal friends are well, thanks for your comments, my parents never found out about me playing on the computer - thanks pals.

Do you think a trim will do me good? Woof I had better go before they find out I am on the computer again......Woof Woof for now - Max XX

Cath Kidston's New Catalogue 2007

Yes, we had just arrived home from holiday....when look what was on the mat....

Well we got back on the Friday and then the very next day (saturday), we had to take a ride to the Kings Road Cath Kidstonicon, to check out the latest goodies, because I wanted this :-

....and this....I particularly wanted the light blue bag with the red roses, as I love those colours, it reminds me of the strawberry print, that was one of her first prints :-

....and look - how can you resist this on the back page - all this was enough to make us take a ride up to London on the very next saturday......

.....and this is what we came home with - a lovely cushion in this, my favourite print, the coffee pot and the teddy our our own to be added to the website shortly.(no longer in service!)

We managed to get, the toad stool pin cushion and the button and pin tins....we also got the extra large table cloth which works out so much cheaper buying the material this way, you get 2.5 metres for £35.00, which if bought by the metre works out to £50.00 (don't tell cath I said that!)

I also bought some material from the bargain basket. (the pink rose fabric featured above) and I also managed to get the lovely Holdall featured above, from the catalogue, which I have used so many times, I love it.....This new collection, is fabulous, I absolutely adore it all, especially if you love sewing, the new cottage sewing box, which I didn't buy and now regret is absolutely adorable, we picked up a butter dish very similar at the weekend, when we was 'Booting' (pictures as requested are coming soon!) and everytime I look at it, it reminds me of the sewing box....and wait until you see the new clogs!....oh its just all too much to resist!

I love the way Cath moves forward which each new collection, as that is what you have to do in retail to keep your customers interested, she is being faced with so many other retailers copying her, all the time that I feel this New season takes her into a new dimension - if you can - visit one of her shops soon, before it all sells out!!!!....fred and I are planning our next trip as we speak! @/*-*\@ xx

Thankyou gals for the Inspiration.....

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments that you have posted recently - there are so many lovely lovely arty crafty and talented gals out there and you have all become part of my social life and for that I am very grateful....for a while before I blogged, I used to keep a lid on my arty crafty side, apart from my Ebay, that was the only type of craft that I let myself do, as once I start to let my head get crafty.....it kinda snowballs into a whirlwind of creativity, as I have to do everything perfect and then it all becomes a chore!....but this time I am enjoying it, because this time I seem to be able to find the time to do more and more! Time management, Fred calls it - I have never been one for time management - as I tend to drift, loosing concentration very easily - and getting bored very easily, but now I have found blogging, looking at all you wonderful talented people kinda keeps me creative - you are like fuel to my engine...and for that I sincerely thank you all......

Now.....not so long ago Mary sent Fred and I, A 'Nice matters' award - Thank you so much Mary, it really was very sweet of you.....this got us a thinking.....and we decided that we would love to create an award to send to our most inspirational blogger friends...I am so sorry if there already is an award for this - as we do not want to tread on anyone's toes - but we really feel that we would like to send, A Happy - 'Inspire to be creative' Award to a few people who's blogs we feel have inspired our creativity, so here we go, We would love to send this award to:-

1. Record the day - this is like no other blog you have ever seen before - this gal has talent, you must take a look.
2. Old flowers 4 me - Joanne is one eclectic funky chick - if ever you are feeling low, visit her and she will cheer you right up - she is lovely.
3. The Vintage Chica - Fred loves this gal - she is so inspirational to him - she started off Fred's sock phenomenon!!
4. Blueyonder - Stefani's blog is lovely and so are her boys, you must catch up with her, she was the first gal to leave me a comment - she inspires me to think of my family.
5. Anna Maria Horner - I love this lady and her creativity - she was one of the first gals to inspire me, to create a blog.

We love these gals, We hope they will inspire you as much as we have been inspired by them, they inspire us in more ways than one and that's what we love about them.

Happy blogging - luv Happy xx

I am sooo chuffed!!

Hello - sorry I havn't posted for a while - its quite late in the evening/morning and I have just created this template header in Photoshop - what do you think of it?....I have used a current picture of what I am selling and the pink drawing is one of Fred's.....I love it so much I just had to share this with you all - Ill be back to talking about my homemaking and travels soon - I tell you what though, we have bought so much gorgeous stuff for the website - I think I am going to need help to list it all!......any offers!

By the way, this computers awfully messy! there is a few paw prints on it - anyone got any ideas as to how this might of happened???? LOL....Bye for now xx

Woofety Woof Woof!!

Hello my name is Max and my parents have been away for a rest and left me with Darryl their teenage son.....I'm starving!!!! all I have had to eat is Pizza and noodles, still they will be back soon, they've been camping and had the most wonderful rest (I've read the postcard!)....its still on the mat...along with the new Cath Kidston catalogue! my mum will be so pleased!......anyway got to get some more beauty sleep!.....they'll be back soon....sshhh don't tell them Ive been on the computer!! bye for now - Woof Woof xx

See you again soon!.....

Look aren't these little noddy dogs cool, I bought these at last weeks car boot....we went again this morning, this time together - no arguments this week! Its lovely walking around together picking up old bits of enamel and vintage items that you remember from your past - we had a really lovely time, at the moment everything is in the garage, so I will take pictures and show you another time, as we are packing for our holiday.....we will be gone for about a week, leaving our teenage son home alone with Max!

Whenever I am out I can't resist buying bits of lace and haberdashery pieces, I used to always buy, stamping equipment, but now I am hooked on making bags and crocheting granny squares.

This is another bag I made, with vintage material, I only had a small piece of material but managed to make it just so!

....This is all the things that I picked up at a Second hand market a few weeks ago, I love this style.....sort of pretty shabby chicness is sooo gorgeous don't you think?

and in the background of this pic is a granny blanket that we picked up on ebay, that has actually got me started on teaching myself to crochet....I am taking my crocheting on holiday with me...so will be able to show you more of that when we get back....oh yes and sorry for another doggy pic....Max is such a 'show off' !!!!

Speak to you all again when we get back.....and Ill show you some pics of our travels - love to you all - luv Happy @/*-*\@ xx

21st Century Crafting...

I have also been busy lately designing my new website & Ebay shop with the help of Avalon Rose, we will be away next week looking for wonderful things to fill it with, we already have an abundance of lovely bits and bobs that we have been saving....so when we return - do keep a look out!

...above is ebay shop header and below is my new website....

I spend so much time trying to create graphics (thats why I go to Avalon Rose, she is fab!) I love photoshop, now that I have mastered the art!....Brittany and Fred taught themselves how to do it and now brittany has taught me....look at my blog header for instance - I designed that! I was so chuffed with how it turned out....

Luv Happy @/*-*\@ xx

Made and Found...

Right I'm back and I have decided to call this section 'Made and Found'...I have been taking pictures of everything that I have made over the last few months and the 'Found' is everything that I bought at the car boot sale recently - well last sunday actually, Fred and I was supposed to be going together! I asked him to call me before he was leaving, but he crept out on his own! thinking that I would stay in and do the housework - well his plan soon came unstuck, when he got back and realised, I was out too!!!! hahaha!!...I made sure I got back after him!! I HATE HOUSEWORK!!....anyway heres an insight into my antics....

Above is a vintage style tote that I made out of Cath Kidston material.

I bought this Noddy head china doll for 50p at the sunday bootfair.

I also bought this Snoopy apron at the sunday bootfair....everyone loves snoopy don't they!

I have recently learnt to crochet...so I taught myself how to crochet flowers, I couldn't actually understand the pattern so I improvised and ended up with something similar! Oh and Fred found this pristine vintage sewing set at a bootfair a couple of weeks ago.

Another fab 1950's style buy....only £1.00...I havn't been to a bootfair for ages, but I really enjoyed myself - I got there a 8o'clock - quite late actually, (fred didn't wake me remember!) but took my time and had a good old rummage, because to be quite honest there can be alot of rubbish becuase most people are putting their wares on ebay, but occassionally you can find the odd nice-ety.

Another handmade vintage style tote, this time I have made this in Amy Butler material - sooo kitsch don't you think!

I also bought this red spotty dress, I wished it fitted me...it probably would of when I was about 10 years old!
....Another tote I've rustled up....A friend did help me with this one as I couldn't understand the pattern....sometimes I think I am a tad dyslexic - thank heavens for spellchecker!

Thats all for now folks hope you liked my bits....I have more to show, but will post again soon - Luv Happy & Co @/*-*\@ xx

Mum and me...

My dad passed away when I was 21 years old and I have recently learned that I tend to block horrible things in my life, out of my mind.....I have learned recently that my Dad worshipped the ground I walked on, even though I had blocked his death out of my mind and only remembered the arguments that we had had previous to him becoming ill. For years I pondered over this....although sometimes, I remembered flashbacks of him caring for me, for instance, I can remember him putting TCP on my grazed leg and bandaging it up.....believing me when I said 'no' I hadn't pushed the neighbours daughter over and things like that....but somehow I had scrambled the rest up in my mind, I suppose it was the guilt in me...the remembering the lead up to my lovely dads passing away and not cherishing the short time that we had been given together to be nice to each other, but arguing about silly teenage antics and spoiling everything that we had had.....remembering the bad times not the good.

Well in the time that I have not blogged, I have been on a long journey into my past and have learnt many things about myself through the most amazing person that you would ever be lucky enough to meet - My Mum.
...You see after my dads death, we sort of drifted, I married Fred and had Daz and Rosie and although she looked after them and helped me with them as much as she could, we were still drifting, we could never properly communicate with each other, we were each waiting for the other to say something, but were both too stubborn to say it -what? I can hear you ask, but I really do not know - it was a kind of a hurt in our throats - a build up from all the anxiety, that had happened in the past - the rejection that my Mum had felt of my Dad leaving her so suddenly and then me getting married and leaving her too! and it was me feeling all rejected waiting for her to say I am so proud of you darling and her never actually saying it. My mum met Reg a few years after my dad passed away - he has been so good to her, infact they have been together now for 17 years, and for a good 10 of them I was very cold towards him, I can understand the step child syndrome thing there, although I must admit I am not very proud to to own up to that! (because I was in my twenties!!)...but I put it all down to being the only child and getting very possessive of ones parent! especially as I felt he was getting more attention than me! my mum has always been a good organiser and while I was having my kids, she threw her self into running a couple of clubs, organising trips and really making retired and widowed people feel like someone cared.

Whilst I have been away from my blog I have been staying with my mum, we have had a nasty couple of weeks wondering whether she might have the big 'C' and we have come through the most amazing journey together, I suppose we were preparing ourselves for the worst....and also I was preparing myself for history repeating itself again....all the things that I never said to her, like I LOVE YOU MUM and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU MUM and the wishing that she had said them to me too, because all my live I have lived trying to be better than everyone else - to be noticed! frightened of sinking into oblivion, wanting my mum to notice me and tell me that she was proud of ME too!...for if she had just said those words, it would have made everything perfect. But we learned through those couple of weeks, that we both loved each other, that she was proud of me and I was definitely proud of her and we told each other so. We cried together, we cuddled, I sat next to her on the settee like I was 8 years old again (if only), we went shopping, we had meals out, we bought each other things and at the end of it all we were told she was going to be OK and I really cannot put into words how we felt....we felt invincible, we felt together, we felt beautiful, we were humbled.

We had found each other again. My lovely mum who had bought me up, made me the person that I am today, I had found her again and she had found me. She told me how my dad used to worship me, how she has always loved me, worried about me, all those little stories about my past that children love to hear, I loved her telling me....she told me about many many good times, we never focussed on the bad....we looked forward, we bonded.

am so glad that we have found each other again....we have planned a few things to do together, we will never leave each other out, of our lives so much again and although I couldn't make a speech at her 70th birthday, I will definitely be making one at her 80th, telling her family and friends that I am such a proud daughter, she is the most amazing person that you would ever wish to meet, she is my hero and I love her with all my heart....Thank you Mum xx