Made and Found

Right I’m back and I have decided to call this section ‘Made and Found…I have been taking pictures of everything that I have made over the last few months and the ‘Found’ is everything that I bought at the car boot sale recently – well last sunday actually, Fred and I was supposed to be going together! I asked him to call me before he was leaving, but he crept out on his own! thinking that I would stay in and do the housework – well his plan soon came unstuck, when he got back and realised, I was out too!!!! hahaha!!…I made sure I got back after him!! I HATE HOUSEWORK!!….anyway heres an insight into my antics…

Above is a vintage style tote that I made out of Cath Kidston material.

I bought this Noddy head china doll for 50p at the sunday bootfair.
I also bought this Snoopy apron at the sunday bootfair….everyone loves snoopy don’t they!

I have recently learnt to crochet…so I taught myself how to crochet flowers, I couldn’t actually understand the pattern so I improvised and ended up with something similar! Oh and Fred found this pristine vintage sewing set at a bootfair a couple of weeks ago.

Another fab 1950’s style buy….only £1.00…I havn’t been to a bootfair for ages, but I really enjoyed myself – I got there at 8 o’clock – quite late actually, (fred didn’t wake me remember!) but took my time and had a good old rummage, because to be quite honest there can be alot of rubbish because most people are putting their wares on ebay, but occassionally you can find the odd nice-ety.Another handmade vintage style tote, this time I have made this in Amy Butler material – sooo kitsch don’t you think!

I also bought this red spotty dress, I wished it fitted me…it probably would of when I was about 10 years old!

Another tote I’ve rustled up….A friend did help me with this one as I couldn’t understand the pattern….sometimes I think I am a tad dyslexic – thank heavens for spellchecker!

Thats all for now folks hope you liked my bits….I have more to show, but will post again soon.

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