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My son Darryl

Hello gals, next I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to the rest of the family, its quite small, well I mean theres not hoards of us like some of my friends families, We only have 2 children, Darryl (17) and Brittany (13), Oh and Max (4)….which equates to 21 in doggy years!.

Introducing Darryl…

Darryl is a typical 17 year old!, or so I am told, by my friends who have had previous teenage boy experiences, He is Lazy, arrogant, selfish and very rude, typical of his age apparently, its their hormones…I often look at him and wonder if he will ever grow out of it, seeing as I have been waiting for him to grow out of alot of different stages throughout his life!….the bed wetting stage!…the terrible two stage!…the biting people stage!…the not wanting to hold my hand stage!…the pulling hair stage!…the terrible 2,3,4,5 and so forth stage! Where does it all end!…

my son darryl
This is a more recent pic of my darryl
updated 21/7/2019

Until you wake up one morning and you are helping them to prepare a CV to find a job, realising that they are actually becoming (or already are!) a man and then you look back and wonder where all those stages went. Each stage….wished away but each a stepping stone to manhood and you do wonder to yourself, did I do it all ok…should I of done things differently! All those doubts and worries along the way, and putting the typical teenage antics aside, he has actually turned into a lovely boy.

They were all part of that long growing and learning process, although at the time you feel like you are jumping through hoops and juggling many plates, but all these processes are a scaffolding for life, as what you are left with is this wholesome teenager, packed with hormones that he does allow to explode at times, but at least now, we can laugh, have fun and share beautiful moments together. Although sometimes, he is a little hot headed, he has his own personality and is respectful to others and that’s all you can hope for.

He has sailed through school and will probably go to University, he is very intelligent and very good at arguing, I think he would make a good politician or a lawyer…but whatever he decides to do…I know he will be great, because we will always be there to provide the scaffolding, if ever he needs us too!…Thank you Darryl for being our son…


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  1. handmade and found
    30th June 2007 / 6:34 pm

    Im proud to have him as my son!

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