Remembering what you've got!!!!!

I was catching up on my favourite blogger at the moment 'Blue Yonder' she has been sorting out her life by having a spring/summer clean and then I got to thinking that there are plenty of things that are placed in my house, that I take for granted....but I haven't actually looked at them in a long time. its not until you do a bit of spring cleaning, that you think...ahhh yes I remember buying that, or yes, I remember when I got this. So I have decided to rather than show you my latest purchases, (and believe me there have been many!) but to show you my items that I have acquired over a lifetime, that I take for here goes...

I'd totally forgotten you Red Teddy placed on the top shelf in our dining room...We bought him at a Boot sale back in 1995 for £20.00, he is indeed straw filled and I have had him valued at £300.00 but would never part with him - he is sooooo cute!

Hello Dolly!...Can you see this little dolly in the Raisins jar, she has a lovely creamy lace dress and little white socks, and is absolutely perfect in condition, I forget where I bought her from, but again she is something that I totally forgot that I had!

Buttons...I love buttons, you will often find me making jewellery out of them, or collages, you see I am fond of all things circular...these lovely mother of pearl buttons, I found in the dining room on this lovely blue crystal cake plate.

I do apologise for this pic! Max our dog does like to get in on the act! and thought he would do this silly pose in a cardboard box in the garage, so that I would take a picture of him.....and of course I couldn't resist...Max the scruffiest West Highland Terrier you ever did see, bought for £400.00 but worth every penny!

These beautiful flowers are on my chest of drawers, they are roses, my favourites, they are made of silk with water droplets and it wasn't until I started taking pictures in my bedroom, did I remember how beautiful they were...The colours of the flowers matches the vase beautifully...we bought them in a Second hand shop in whitstable in 2001...

I do hope you like my little collection of things that I had forgotten about....No doubt I will be bringing you more as my blog continues....and Thank you Blue Yonder girl for making me remember them!

Welcome to the Family

Hello gals, next I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to the rest of the family, its quite small, well I mean theres not hoards of us like some of my friends families, We only have 2 children, Darryl (17) and Brittany (13), Oh and Max (4)....which equates to 21 in doggy years!.

Introducing Darryl...

Darryl is a typical 17 year old!, or so I am told, by my friends who have had previous teenage boy experiences, He is Lazy, arrogant, selfish and very rude, typical of his age apparently, its their hormones...I often look at him and wonder if he will ever grow out of it, seeing as I have been waiting for him to grow out of alot of different stages throughout his life!....the bed wetting stage!...the terrible two stage!...the biting people stage!...the not wanting to hold my hand stage!...the pulling hair stage!...the terrible 2,3,4,5 and so forth stage! Where does it all end!...

Until you wake up one morning and you are helping them to prepare a CV to find a job, realising that they are actually becoming (or already are!) a man and then you look back and wonder where all those stages went. Each stage....wished away but each a stepping stone to manhood and you do wonder to yourself, did I do it all ok...should I of done things differently! All those doubts and worries along the way, and putting the typical teenage antics aside, he has actually turned into a lovely boy. They were all part of that long growing and learning process, although at the time you feel like you are jumping through hoops and juggling many plates, but all these processes are a scaffolding for life, as what you are left with is this wholesome teenager, packed with hormones, that he does allow to explode at times, but at least now, we can laugh, have fun and share beautiful moments together. Although sometimes, he is a little hot headed, he has his own personality and is respectful to others and that's all you can hope for. He has sailed through school and will probably go to University, he is very intelligent and very good at arguing, I think he would make a good politician or a lawyer...but whatever he decides to do...I know he will be great, because we will always be there to provide the scaffolding, if ever he needs us to!...Thank you Darryl for being our son.

Introduction - The Hare and the Tortoise

Well here we are, I have finally been able to make some time in order to start my blog...its now 1 0'clock in the morning and everyone else is asleep, but I am wide awake!...I am not quite sure how all this started! (the tap is dripping in the kitchen, but somehow the noise is quite comforting, like an old clock ticking, somewhere from my past). I am in the dining room facing the large antiqued gold mirror looking at my rosy cheeks and panda white eyes, wondering if things would ever change.

You see I have a very busy life (don't we all these days!) and everything that I do, I have to do perfectly! In fact I am a self confessed procrastinator and perfectionist! which is very time consuming. If I am sorting out a cupboard for instance, I would have to take everything out, clean and wipe all the surfaces and then sort out the contents and put them all back neatly and in takes me forever and a day to do anything, I have to plan, think about it a bit, think about it a bit more and even think about how I would do things differently...and then all the time this is going on in my head, my 'significant other' has made breakfast...gone to the library...and the gym...and done another 101 things, all very quickly, often making mistakes, but getting on with life. 'Time Management' he calls it!...So really in short, I need a much longer day then he does, hence me blogging at 1 0'clock in the morning and him tucked up in bed getting his full eight hours!...I don't think I'll ever get the hang of 'Time Management'! That's why I decided to call my first blog 'The Hare and the Tortoise', I think it is so apt for the both of us, and this I think makes us so compatible. The old adage that opposites attract is definitely true, especially where we are concerned.

We both decided that we wanted to start blogging, as we love that whole Cath Kidston, Shabby Chic, 1950's look and have been decorating like this for years. We have always been creative and I have designed clothing and home wares 1950's style when we used to own our own Boutique back in 2000. I even started my own label 'Edith & Bella' which is famous for vintage re-style clothing here in sunny blighty and Fred has always been very good at thrifting, he has such a marvelous eye. He is also brilliant at home decoration, not so much the DIY sort, but the actual styling and decoration kind. Rush, rush hurry rush,'Fredsworld' is up and running and (Fred's blog), 'Happy loves Rosie' (Mine) is in its early stages, I don't think either of us will ever change, it has been too long now. twenty years in fact. But ones things for sure, we will be bringing you two sides of our busy hectic lives, a masculine and feminine view in homemaking and we are both looking forward to it very much!