Christmas has arrived - Yippeeeeeeee!

Here they are, the pictures of our Christmas Home - I'll talk you through them as we go...we have moved furniture and everything...! It was difficult to take the pictures though, as the lights weren't too good....and when It was time for me to take them, it was always approaching dusk....but here goes...

This is the top of our main Christmas you spot something a little different here!

Above, this picture is by the front door....Red teddy is guarding the Vintage Christmas balls!
This is a picture at the top of our first level of stairs - I decorated this tree....(must put some more on the bottom!) The picture is a bit dark - but it is soo lovely and really gets you in the mood....for the front room!...Look at the vintage christmas stocking behind it that fred bought on ebay.
This is our Main Christmas tree, Yes girls it upside down, we bought it in Germany 2 years ago, but they have only just arrived in England this year (John Lewis)....its great if you don't have alot of space, but you have to have balls on string hanging down otherwise it just doesn't work!
....And heres my favourite hook rack - pimped up a little!.....Lexicon cards always come in handy you know. It pays to have a couple of sets, so you can actually display a few words.
Look at Santa....another Ebay purchase.

We moved the table over to the other side and it works really well so much more light over there....and you can't have too many candy canes at Christmas can you.

Yes we are very organised this year, we have bought nearly all of our christmas presents and have already wrapped them up! thats always my job....and I have gone a bit to town with the ribbon!

I love this area...its just above the TV actually, we used to have a TV in a cupboard, it was lovely as you can just shut the door and pretend you havn't got one, but it was so small and as both our eyes are deteriorating we had to get a larger one, but we have decorated around it....what we need to do is make a large cover for it....I'll have to ask Yvonne at Yvestown as she recently sent us some material for freds quilt and also a lovely sewing machine cover - thankyou Yvonne :).

This is as you look through into the dining room from the living room.....

More lexicon cards.....remember to pick them up through the summer bootfairs!

This is a picture of the Kitchen, Fred has put a lovely little hall table at the end under the window and it works really well for us.....

I had better end here, don't want to bore you all - hope you like this insight into the family christmas home, fred has put up most of the decorations, as I have been busy (see previous post!) I think he has done a really good job - well done freddy!

Luv Happy xx

Hello - Yes I am still Alive!!!!!....well Just!

Hi girls - so sorry to of not posted for a while - it has been very hectic here in the 'Harris' household as you will of seen by Fred's posts we had Darryl's birthday and it was the preparation for that and me trying to do everything else that had sort of worn me out completely.

Actually I had decided to 'give up' this blog, because I have so many other things to do!....and had been taking on many more tasks....since we shut our shop last November, Fred and I had never been in a routine.....but now finally, I think we are, so now I can find the time to carry on with this blog, which actually brings me so much joy and accomplishment.

When I was trying to do everything myself, I was doing each task not very well - through the summer I neglected my Ebay shop totally - but I must admit, we did have some great times going camping and all that fun stuff, I do not regret any of those kind of memories last forever don't they!......but a few things have had to be laid to rest, like the 'Happylovesrosie' website.....that is going to have to be closed for a while, perhaps until the new year, or beyond, but I will keep you all posted...actually it never really got off the ground, sorry folks, again I have too many good ideas for my own good!.....and the Etsy store never got off the ground either, did it! ah well - now I have finally decided I havn't got any time to do those things, let alone well (you know I am a perfectionist)....and coming to those decisions, I find I don't get so many headaches!

Fred is now house husband, (thats him above, he even does the shopping!) he brings me tea and coffee all day long, he makes breakfast, lunch and Dinner and cleans the house (although I do have to help him with that a little, as he has got bad arthritus and plus a man can't clean like a woman can clean! if you know what I mean! ;) x) - all while I am in the basement working!....The other day when I went upstairs to the kitchen, I caught him with a pinny on, singing away, cooking our tea....yes girls, our lives are working out very well now....I must admit the business woman in me thought for a second - perhaps I could rent him out! LOL!

..And I though I would leave you with a picture of my chair - yes girls I have been living in this now for around 6 weeks, working away, occassionally getting up to take pictures and alas to say that my bottom is taking the shape of it!.....Diet starts January!

...and how can I forget Christmas....that will be my next post - I am taking timeout of my schedule to take the pictures of our decorations - we have been putting them up for about two weeks now - so it has evolved. Fred has put most of them up - being that his job now as house husband, but I have insisted on doing some of them and of course we have bought them week we are going away for my birthday to Cologne and the Christmas markets, so we will either post before then or after when we come back, as you never know we could even buy some more decorations!!! Heres a preview - speak to you all soon - luv happy xx

Can U C Meeee!

Hhh Hhhh Oh dear I am too near the camera - Hold on a minute......

Whoops - sorry about that.....I thought someone said tickle.....I always roll onto my back when someone says that.... I love a tickle!

.....anyway back to the matter in you like my camera smile....Can you see me!....Yes I have my lovely red number on....I love wearing my clothes, especially in the winter - they keep me all warm and snugly!

Whoops! did someone say chocolate!......wheres the chocolate.....crisps.....! Mum and dad are going out at the weekend....and I heard mum saying that she has got one week to loose 10 stone....! she is going to be seeing people that she hasn't seen for years! I think she has left it rather late for the diet though!!!

shhhh!! I know I DO look stupid dressed up as a cow! but this outfit keeps me soooo warm - I love it, especially when I go for a walk.....its getting rather small for me now though! I bet you have all wondered what has happened to me havn't you - well yes I am still here - OOOh you should've heard the row Mum and dad had last week!....well first I thought they were arguing about me!! but they were saying the 'DOG' word all wrong and I thought for WOOFS sake stop saying 'DOG' wrong - I mean I had only done a little piddle on the carpet!...No need to shout about it all that much! turns out they were arguing about a BLOG! (see two listings back!) tut! tut!...and them all grown up!!!...still I'm on Mums side, after all she is the one who feeds me!...and buys me in all this lovely clothing!

....Just look at me in my snoopy coat, huh! this is the life!....all I do is dress up all day, go for walks and sleep, oh and don't forget EAT....I love eating....I even catch spiders for mum!...she nearly passes out when I do - I can't understand she screams so much when she sees them - I think I am helping her, by eating them for her - I am a terrier you know! WOOF!

PHEW - I didn't think all this modelling and talking was going to ware me out so much!

Don't laugh! yes this is my santa suit!.....everytime I walk along in it though my leg falls out! I prefer to not walk anywhere in this suit....I'd be grateful of all the glasses of beer and biscuits that you kids put out for santa though!

...Here I am in my dungarees, I don't do any decorating in them though as I dont want to get all paint on them!

Oh dear - I am getting very tired....I think....I am going to have a nap now - nite nite.

Sleep tight....zzzzzz!

I made it!

I made this logo for the front of my website but never ended up using it in the end...perhaps I will use it for another part soon - just wanted to share it with will probably see elements of my pictures and postcards in this piece of art.....luv happy ;0) xx

(update - my website is no longer available)

Domesticated Bliss!

Fred and I have recently had a bit of a 'set two' over our blogs - you see up until now we have both not really minded what each other had written seemed Fred likes to write about the house and I get everything that is left....which I have not minded because my life revolves around my family, so I am quite happy to let you in on our lives....well up until now!! You see we have just recently come back from a large town boot fair in France, buying up our old favourite 'french enamel' together! OK so we were spending Fred's birthday money....he received quite a bit from an old aunt that he hadn't seen in years....I wish I had an old aunt like that! (I'll have to start tracing the family tree!)

So we decided to invest it in some old french antiques....or more I should say 'shabby chicness' for our home......and do you know what! before I had even unpacked the cases (OK I did sit down and have a nap!)....HE had arranged everything where HE decided to place it all and took pictures of it and had done a blog before I had even woken up!!!!!! MON DEIU!!!.....I can hear all you fellow bloggers gasping!....I was absolutely DISGUSTED....No discussion about who was going to have each sharing of items that we had chosen....No nothing.....I SULKED....AND SULKED SOME MORE.....How devious!....In fact I almost took his name of the side of my blog - yes it was as bad as that!.....and look what he thought I could take pictures of....he left me this little lot while I was asleep!

Well just as WORLD WAR 4 was going to break out...he removed his blog, so if some of you saw it first and then see it was removed - you were not going mad - I WAS!....anyway after I calmed down we decided to share the pictures and he apologised to being GREEDY and said that he wouldn't do it again....ahhh bless him! I went round the house taking my pics and some of the pics are the same but some are if we have overlapped here I am very sorry - Oh and by the way, if you ever see 'Fredsworld' disappeared from the side of my blog - you know we are not speaking! LOL :0) xx

In the picture above we purchased those green shutters - yes there is one on the opposite side to, they match the dining room beautifully and have plenty of paint falling off....Just perfect!

The pic above shows our rather small galley is on the first floor as is our living room and dining room - as we have views over the it is rather we purchased the shelf and most of the ornaments on it and indeed below it on the mantle piece, Fred had the rather great idea of putting the shelf along the window, as we do feel rather 'on show' in there sometimes being opposite a the shelf adds a little privacy and a talking point!

A close up of a Yummy tin - that I had to have!

....and here we have their matching brothers and sisters....and we are actually using them, which is great....although the 'THE' which means Tea is rather on the small side and you can only fit about fifteen squashed teabags inside this small tin.....I suppose they used to use real tea leaves.....but I am still going to use it as I love this set so much....

.....and would you look at this little lovely! Fred bought this little doll for me, isn't she pretty! and on ski's something which you will never find me doing! I have two left feet!.....Her hair colours nearly the same as mine this week - yes I am 41, but still having bad hair days - but I have actually paid to have it done professionally badly this time!....when I could of easily mucked it up myself for a 10Th of the price....will I ever learn!

We bought this lovely Madeleine sweet tin too - isn't it lovely, OH and also the pretty little dress underneath....sooooo sweet!

...Fred spotted this lovely cutout 1950's paper you think he's telling me something! and its lying next to another pretty flower enamel bowl - I love them....I just can't get enough of them - I think I have quite a few in my collection now and apparently its the floral bowls that are becoming more collectable, because there are so many copies made now of the spotty and the check bowls and tins. So there you have it....of course we bought other antiquities....I bought many french I will be showing them to you soon - so keep watching - I just wanted to post to you all some lovely eye candy asap! - bye for now - luv Happy xx

Spot the difference!

Hi girls - can you spot the difference in this picture compared to the Article on 'The Hall'...we have made three changes - one is major and others not so major - can you find them?....Just a bit of fun!

Well Done Rosie!

Hello gals, sorry I havn't posted for a while but alot has been going on, here in blighty!....I know roll your eyes!....but honestly we have been very busy and I will reveal all shortly....

But I must first let you know about our daughter Rosie.....The flowers are for her actually - gorgeous I know just like her, they have been taken from an old french postcard that I picked up in one of the brocantes that we have visited recently and I am dedicating them to her because, she has recently started college! she is only 14 years old and as you know we do not send her to school! Now a lot of you English lassies will probably not realise that actually school is NOT compulsory! and you can teach them at home, yourself!

The government do not advertise this though! If they did I am sure they would loose far more kids to home education and that is what they are afraid off! We have been getting about 5 parents a week here in Kent join our group 'Education Otherwise'.....which is hardly surprising when you think that you send your child to school for 6 hours a day and all the actual learning time they get is on average 2 hours per day and that is if all the children are behaving!....class disruptions count for so much.....and what with the peer pressure, the bullying and the pressure to fit in - we decided to educate her at home with us - she has been having a whale of a time at home, she could run a business standing on her head and has learnt photoshop - and paste up artistry, we go to museums and have holidays when we want and its great!
Rosie & Mum 2006
This year though we felt we were drifting - and after checking out what she would need to get into KIAD a local Fashion and Design college in our area, we realized she was going to need 3 GCSE's so rather than send her back to school (no way!) we found out through a friend that a college in sidcup was running a pilot scheme for home educated children to study along with the adults. The headmaster of this College is so interested in home schooled children and realized that they were far more advanced and adult like than school educated children, he has made sure they could all study the subjects that they wanted to.....

So she now on a Tuesday is dropped of a 9am and studies English until lunchtime, Art until dinner time and IT until 7.30 in the evening, yes a very full day...they give her plenty of homework to do through the week so she is more focused and of course we help her. It is a very tiring day for her, but these courses only take 6 months so by next May she could have 3 GCSE's at 14 years you see there are alternatives out there - and the best thing about it is.....she is with us through the week....she socializes plenty - we make sure of that, but she has no peer pressure:)
So as I was saying these flowers are for wish her GOOD LUCK and WELL DONE, she is taking it all in her stride and I am very proud of her......

- Luv Mum xxxxxx

What an Inspiration!

Well what do you know, there I was minding my own business, when suddenly I found myself on my son Darryls MYSPACE page (not being nosey!) I had to read it and I was soo pleasantly surprised - you see he had been going through a rather bad patch - Adolescence! and I was beginning to wonder whether it was ever going to end, to be quite honest....Well we have got to the other side, as he has finally got himself a job! Given up WOW (World of Warcraft - its an online game that seems to have teenage boys hooked!) and finally decided what he wants to do when he leaves the 6th form.

It seems to of all turned out tickety boo - thank goodness! anyway he has always been good at English, he finds it very easy to put words into sentances, and to my surprise rather than finding a 'horrible' MYSPACE page, it was rather lovely, yes, he had nice dance music playing (my influence there - I'll definately be the oldest swinger in town! although I had better be careful about that word these days - eh!) and he had written this about himself which makes me think that he will definately go far - what do you think - here goes :-

"My name is darryl
I'm going to try and explain a few things that i have done, think, and would like to do.
this may take a while so bare with me.
Firstly, appearances are decieving, i have learnt this all too well over the years,
and despite my awareness of it, i still conform judgements to the rules that contradict it.
I do judge books by their cover, thats just human instinct,
in which case i render my next point futile, however, i will still make it.
Don't judge me by what you see, the outside is a combination of effort / lack of effort
( depending on the mood i am at the time )
and unneccesary vanity, a virtue which i can at least admit, and am not in denial about,
unlike a vast majority of society.
I do very little, and i'm not particularly proud of it,
i am currently unemployed and am often classed as a "geek".
i have very few what i would call friends, apart from the obvious exceptions,
i am generally friendly to each person i meet, but my general opinion may differ.
This is construed as being "two faced" or "bitchy"
but each person has a varying number of aspects of their personality they can unleash at different times,
and if you do not like a specific part of it, then i am not fussed with your company.
solitude is often the path in life that gives the highest rewards.
Other people inspire trust, belief, hope and fate.
These are all theories which rely too heavily on chance, and cannot be changed, affected, by oneself.
I have loved, lusted, admired, and fealt jealousy, with the ominous feeling of infinity draped around my shoulders.
Infinity is an incomprehensible concept,
however our subconcious deals with it everyday,
each emotion feels final, or as if it means everything,
we allow our mind to become too full with thoughts, thus generating such a response.
This is simply not true.
I am almost 18, and there are a number of things i am yet to experience,
henceforth my own opinion of my outlook should be slightly more uplifting.
"I'm always Happy!"
"Im so depressed"
each statement is as damning as each other,
through want of each for attention you gain neither,
other than a overwhelming sense of self pity and projection that is simply null and void.
your self perception is a startlingly different idea to that which people have of you.
the faster you learn that, the better it is.
people are selfish creatures, who may do things that appear good natured,
and well planned, but are following basic codes that reappear in all aspects of life and nature.
being accepted, fitting in,
these are things that so many people strive for,
if inadvertently by acts of good will, which acheive this goal in the end afterall.
i am at a loss i fear.
realisation of my own faults only reveals others in a plainer light,
and my relationships with people, friends,
has taught me a valuable lesson.
of the amount of trust that can be lavished upon someone without advantage being taken.
i sincerely hope that throughout life you take most oppurtunities to be happy,
and pursue it each day.
just remember that the people around you do not make you who you are,
you choose who you are around those people."
Written by Darryl Harris Aged 17 years.

As you can imagine, I am so proud to call him my son, he is so talented - I had tears in my eyes....he has definately gone on a long journey through adolescence and come out the other side, a wonderful young man...and I am so proud and love him very much.

I thought I would share this with you all - just incase there is any of you going through a bad patch with your kids, it does all end and they do turn out just fine - trust me - with a little nurture and all turns out fine in the end.

Luv happy xx

Hi gals

Hi gals, now rather than sit here all day and trying to do something that I can't do, (because I have tried over and over!) I have decided to ask all of you fabulous bloggers, if you can help me, you see I have decided today to do some work, but have started to side track into finding out how to put a third column into my minima blog template.....AGAIN! as I can't do it myself - yes I have admitted to defeat!....which is VERY unusual for me!

So please can anyone HELP! - anyone that has successfully done this please, I need your knowledge......and what i'll do is get on with my work today and then when I check back - hopefully one of you would have told me what to do, and I wouldn't of wasted any time - what do you think? Good idea or what!!!!!!

Right I am going to start work now! Yes I really am......I am! I definately am!.....I am going to start now!.....No distractions please - of course, only if you know how I can add a third column to my blog! Isn't it frustrating when you can't do something!


Thanks a bunch gals - speak to you soon - luv happy @/*-*\@ xx

Update - girls if you want a third column in your blog, ask this lady - Cathy at The Avalon Rose Collection...she is fabulous with this kinda thing and a great friend of mine :) let her know I sent you - Love Happy xx

Should I be cleaning!

Hi folks - sorry I haven't posted for a bit, you see I think I am ill!....Yes ill!!!!! Now most of you know by now that I am a self confessed perfectionista/procrastinator, well lately I have been at my worst....I can't focus on anything. This morning I got up at 6.30 am ready to start the housework, but all I done was surf the net, change my blog a few times (not sure if I liked it!) so I changed it all back again! and I wasn't supposed to be doing that at all!

I then started to try to design a new template, but didnt like it so I scrapped it.....still not starting work, I decided to try to put a third column into my blog only to mess it all up and loose everything!......lucky I had downloaded a copy!

By this time it was 2.30pm and I still hadn't started any work, I haven't listed into my new website (sorry if you are waiting!) and I have neglected ebay....although I have been sitting in my office, with my backside growing into the shape of my chair, a definate lack of excercise...although my fingers are very thin!

Oh yes, this IS looking rather like me at the moment!

I have been in this mood for several weeks now.....I get all excited about working and then I sit in front of the computer and get side tracked into doing things that Iwant to do but can't!.....I have been trying for months now to try to learn HTML coding, but I am getting too old I think, because I just can't get the hang of it....I can do lovely pictures in photoshop, but unless you know the code, there is no way you can make a business out of I think to-day I have got to decide, that I am just too old and must resign from thinking that I can! and leave it to the experts from now on.

...Its the creative side of me that wants to do it though, but I have wasted so much time trying to do it......does anyone out there get my drift!

We'll its now 20.39 I think my computer clock is WRONG.....surely it can't be 8.39pm, I mean I got up early especially to get everything done.....why oh why is it 8.39pm!!....I have got to pick Darryl up from work at 9pm (I bet I'm late!)

Anyway off I go again day-dreaming instead of getting on with what I am supposed to be doing!
aaaahhhhh! sigh!.....I think I had better get up even earlier tomorrow!

Speak to you again soon, when I am more focussed - byeeeeeee xx

The Hall....

....Its like what came first.....The chicken or the egg!! These rose prints are all so similar, I thought that my new Cath Kidston holdall would look fantastic amoungst my bits and pieces in the hall...and the more you look, the more you think, who's copying who! I will always hanker after red and pink roses on a turquoise/duck egg background, so I don't really care....but it does make you wonder, doesn't it! The sleeveless blouse is not an old vintage one, but a Laura Ashley from about 5 years ago....and the enamel plate, well, we collect those and have several, we often pick those up in France....but thats another story - I'll tell you about that soon!

I love decorating a wall with a coat rack, I love plain walls and then I love to decorate the wall with the bits and pieces that I collect. I can't resist a vintage dress or a vintage bag...what could be better!

bye for now - Luv happy @/*-*\@ xx

...What do I look like......!

Oh my Woofness! What do I look like......they said a trim!.....not a scalp!.....I was a bit chilly this afternoon, I was shaking.....No really shaking, I thought I would get the sympathy vote and get given a bone or something, but no - they put on these dungarees instead!....I might do a fashion show soon - I might as well, Ive got more clothes than my master - huh, you think I am joking, now Ive been scalped they have an excuse for me to wear them! still I do look rather dapper don't you think.....I might check out our Island soon and see if I can find myself a hot little chick!!!....still the cat next door can't resist me, I might have a mooch into the garden later.....woof woof for now - max xx

Max reporting......!

Hello max reporting, I must just let you know that my parents have safely returned home from holiday...and theres news that they could be giving me a haircut, well I am lying low!! I like my shabbyness - but I am rather knotty......anyway I'll hide when they come to find me.... hope all you fellow animal friends are well, thanks for your comments, my parents never found out about me playing on the computer - thanks pals.

Do you think a trim will do me good? Woof I had better go before they find out I am on the computer again......Woof Woof for now - Max XX

Cath Kidston's New Catalogue 2007

Yes, we had just arrived home from holiday....when look what was on the mat....

Well we got back on the Friday and then the very next day (saturday), we had to take a ride to the Kings Road Cath Kidstonicon, to check out the latest goodies, because I wanted this :-

....and this....I particularly wanted the light blue bag with the red roses, as I love those colours, it reminds me of the strawberry print, that was one of her first prints :-

....and look - how can you resist this on the back page - all this was enough to make us take a ride up to London on the very next saturday......

.....and this is what we came home with - a lovely cushion in this, my favourite print, the coffee pot and the teddy our our own to be added to the website shortly.(no longer in service!)

We managed to get, the toad stool pin cushion and the button and pin tins....we also got the extra large table cloth which works out so much cheaper buying the material this way, you get 2.5 metres for £35.00, which if bought by the metre works out to £50.00 (don't tell cath I said that!)

I also bought some material from the bargain basket. (the pink rose fabric featured above) and I also managed to get the lovely Holdall featured above, from the catalogue, which I have used so many times, I love it.....This new collection, is fabulous, I absolutely adore it all, especially if you love sewing, the new cottage sewing box, which I didn't buy and now regret is absolutely adorable, we picked up a butter dish very similar at the weekend, when we was 'Booting' (pictures as requested are coming soon!) and everytime I look at it, it reminds me of the sewing box....and wait until you see the new clogs!....oh its just all too much to resist!

I love the way Cath moves forward which each new collection, as that is what you have to do in retail to keep your customers interested, she is being faced with so many other retailers copying her, all the time that I feel this New season takes her into a new dimension - if you can - visit one of her shops soon, before it all sells out!!!!....fred and I are planning our next trip as we speak! @/*-*\@ xx