husky retro fridge
One of the good things that has happened recently is that I have a new fridge...it is a HUSKY Retro Fridge in red and I love it...it was supposed to fit in to where my existing fridge is, but to save my back I managed to lift it all by myself onto the worktop so that I do not have to bend down to use it like my other one!
red husky retro kitchen
It has been a god send for keeping all the Christmas food in...we have enough food to last a good few months lol! and what with Freddy now home from hospital...(he arrived home the day before Christmas Eve) we have had many people visiting us, so again it has been well used already!
red kitchen appliances
My other Fridge/Freezer which I have covered in Cath Kidston wrapping paper! is still being used too!
husky retro red fridge
...And here it is in all its glory! this is a lovely design with curved edges...a very retro 1950's feel which as you all know I love...I ordered mine in Red, but it is also available in Black or Ivory too!

What do you think of it?...have you bought something for the kitchen lately that you love and now can't live without? do tell ;)


...AND A



Festive Christmas Front door
I won't go into too much detail, but this year has been one of the most awful years of my life, I didn't mention too much on here because I know a lot of my lovely readers have problems of their own and come over to my blog for a bit of a cheer up, so to keep telling you all of my misfortune wouldn't boe well!

Happy Shabby Christmas
The year didn't start off too well when my Hubby was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer...as you can imagine that knocked us all for 6...luckily it was caught early and treated quickly and now he has had two lots of 3 monthly checks and he is still clear of it...thank goodness!
Happy Christmas Tree
We were just getting our lives on track again and planning ahead, when he fell down our stairs, from the top to the bottom! with a brief trip to the hospital in the ambulance, they checked that it wasn't broken and sent him home again, only to miss that he had snapped his patellar tendon in his right knee...he was in agony at home....spending most of his time in bed and just about managing with two crutches...I wont go into too much detail here, but things were bad and very miserable....
upside down christmas tree
Again, we were just about getting out and about again...mainly me pushing him around in a wheelchair...because the hospital advised that there was no way he could have an operation because of his weak heart...he would have a 2 in 5 chance of having a stroke or dying!...When we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate my birthday with our kids and their partners... 
baubles and teacakes
He was managing on two crutches, for very short walks...20 paces at the most and because we parked outside, he didn't have far to manage...the thing is, it was raining and the floor in the restaurant was wet....! 
westie dog at christmas
and you have probably guessed where I am going here...but his crutch slid on the floor and he fell over again, but this time on his left side taring his other patellar on his left knee!... 
bright Christmas
So to cut a long story short and the fact that I wasn't going to go in to more detail than was necessary, he has been in hospital since, and he hopefully will be discharged before Christmas Day...meanwhile all the preparations are going ahead for our dining room to be transformed into a bedroom for him, because he will never be able to weight bare on his legs or manage the stairs again!
christmas lights
shortly after that my Mum had a nasty fall too and had to have 8 stitches from her forehead to her eyelid...her poorly face looks like an aubergene right now, but thank heavens for small mercies that she had not broken any major bones as she is 84!
christmas dining
So as you can imagine, what with all this going on, I have not been in a very Christmassy mood! It is all happening around me, but it feels like I am standing in the middle...and Christmas lights and circumstance are swirling around me! Hence not much of a Christmas vibe on my lil' Ole blog here!
 shabby chic christmas
I will try to make it all lovely here, I have bought a white blossom LED Christmas tree and I have found some vintage baubles without having to venture into the Garage, through the undergrowth that is the garden!...I have been moving furniture around today, so that Freddies all singing all dancing state of the art hospital bed can go in the corner of the dining room...

Life will never be the same for us...but we are ready for the challenge, with the help of our family around us, we are tough cookies...so roll on the New Year!

...and to new beginnings...

I hope you are all keeping well and are not having as much bad luck as us at this time of year!...and please if you can send us some luckier vibes for the New Year...I would very much appreciate that ;)


Multiyork and monsoon new collection
 Hey there my lovelies...there's a new collaboration in town...
MULTIYORK have gone and teamed up with MONSOON and together they have worked their magic in creating the most wonderful archival pattern and design lead furniture to hit the market in a very long time!

multiyork and monsoon furniture

multiyork designer furniture

Multiyork and Monsoon are both British Companies through and through, so the idea that they go hand in hand with these vintage and modern designs meets with the Happy House approval indeedy!

The array of different materials that you can choose from is vast, not to mention the design and quality of the furniture that beats all the best stores in town for choice and compatibility to your needs!

The colours and designs are exquisite...and will fit in to any colour scheme that you choose!
Go and check them out my lovelies...they are a breath of fresh air....!


If you are looking for that last minute gift...then why not give THE GREAT GIFT COMPANY a try...I have been looking around the web and found them, whilst looking for fun pressie idea's and thought I would share them with you...

I love every single one of these gifts (hint hint ;)) and the prices are not bad either!

What a gorgeous Necklace!

A retro style Record Player! Now who wouldn't want that in their home!

Something for Rosie...

I just love the pastel & gold packaging of these Bath Salts...

I love this retro Calculator...the big numbers help too!
Now that's my kind of Prefect Badge!
...and this sign! well it just cracks me up lol!

So remember folks...if you need a quirky gift for your nearest and dearest...
check out this website they have so many more love gift ideas on there...you will be spoilt for choice!


Best Apps for Interior Design Inspiration

You dream it and your interior designer does it. While professional decorators work wonders within walls, a little help to get it right is always appreciated. Whether you're seeking to update your home decor or start from scratch, the process of selecting the right colors, trends and furnishings can seem equally exciting and overwhelming. So, some assistance from the latest home decor apps plus the detailed eye of a design guru can create a force of chicness to be reckoned with. 

From selecting a color palette to choosing design elements and room layout, use your handy mobile device to help guide you on your home decor journey.
What's Your Hue? Selecting a color palette is the first step to a happy home. It sets the mood, theme and ambiance of your everyday surroundings. Eager home decoristas must fight the urge to start painting. Before you rush to the local B&Q for brushes, rollers and paint samples, consider your overall decor plans. Starting with wall paint only limits your design options moving forward. Instead, when selecting the right color scheme for your home, think about the big picture: furnishings, textiles and accent pieces.
Download Color 911 to guide you on your color journey. Indecisive? Save your favourite combos and share them with your home decor professional and let her make the final call. She'll take in important factors like lighting and architecture into consideration to create a design that suits your personality while complementing the home's physical make up.
Get in the Mood...Next, get an idea for style. Do you love the simplicity of modern decor? Or, do you prefer the coziness of traditional design? With so many beautiful styles to choose from, it can be easy to end up with a hodge-podge of mismatched patterns and schemes.

To determine your true style, begin by compiling mood boards. Pop open the Olioboard site on your 
Galaxy Note 4, and snap a pic to add it to your design-spiration profile. The site works like Pinterest by enabling users to collect, organize and save images for future use. However, Olioboard is made for serious home decor enthusiasts and offers 3D mood board making capabilities so you can actually see your room come to life. Select different backgrounds, wall textures and furnishings, or get inspired by browsing other users' boards.

Lay It All Out...For a growing family, the idea of a full-size sectional might seem like the best option. But, this is not the case if it takes up too much space. Likewise, a sleek and modern sofa might appease the aesthetics of a downtown loft, but it also might make a room look empty and bleak. Get it right by establishing a layout that will work best with both your likes and your lifestyle.

With the 
Mark on Call app, you can see if your list of furniture must haves will complement your space or clutter it. The app enables you to create room plans and attach your own photos so your interior decorator can find the best decor and furnishings to fill your space.