I Love Cath Kidston and Happy Loves Rosie

Ever since I started my blog, you all have known that I love Cath kidston ! We have history! Oh yes! but without boring you with the details! I have added here a few of my favourite Cath Kidston bits and pieces.

I still love her wallpaper, we used to have it in our bathrooms when we lived on the Island, and I think soon, I will have to add some to our cottage.
Years ago when we first started buying this kinda style...it was just before 'Ole Cath' started her little shop off the Kings Road, it was easy to find our kind of treasures, as no-one else was really into 'The Look' and our friends would often tell us that our house looked just like their Granny's House....
To which we loved the though of! but to them it was all old fashioned.....those then prefering black furniture and black and white commercial prints.
...and I remember about 8 years ago now having a little boutique on our local High Street, selling re-cyled and up-cycled clothing and as a trial we started to sell Cath Kidston bits and pieces and as no-one had heard of her, her lovely collections used to just sit idle in our shop...amazing isnt it! I suppose you could say we were ahead of our time!
Now times have changed, and I don't get out as much as I used too...
So I am finding new ways of occupying my time, making things that I would like to buy myself for my HAPPY LOVES ROSIE shop....Just like the things Cath Kidston used to sell when she first started out....vintage bits and handmade items...with lots of Happy Loves Rosie ' ness thrown in to the mix!
So if you love Cath Kidston and are new to my blog...
why not check out HAPPY'S SHOP  I will be re-stocking over the next couple of months and have lots of new and exciting pieces to add, so do please keep looking and checking up on me :)
Also gals! All of you that have ordered my Caravan Photoshoot Cards - the second batch has just arrived so I will be sending them out shortly...Please CLICK HERE if you would like to buy them....there are a few left :)
And last but not least.....please pop over to HAPPY AND ROSIE DESIGN and check out the latest blog designs that I have created....they are Brilliant even if I do say so myself! LOL!
Bye for now,