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If you’re an avid following of home interiors on Pinterest, it is all too easy to find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of furniture and home essentials you never realised could have so much choice. For every board of vintage chairs, there’s one for fancy kitchen taps. And if you’ve been looking at rugs, chances are someone else is doing the same for door handles.

I think that because we’ve all spend more time at home recently, we are starting to take notice of items in every room and wondering how to make them better. Case in point; the sheer number of trendy looking radiators popping up on socials. I feel like I missed a memo that radiators were now something to keep track of.

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If you’re thinking of buying new radiators soon, you don’t want to make the mistake of buying one which looks completely wrong for a room. You can upgrade radiators ever so slightly to give them a modern look without going too crazy. Case in point, take a look at some of these column radiators at Trade Radiators. See how they take the classic design of a column radiator, tweak it here and there with different design elements, and suddenly make a boring old radiator something with character?

Instead of just going along to the likes of B&Q or Homebase and picking the first radiator you see that fits the bill, think about what little design elements you might want to have from a radiator. That covers everything from the colour to the shape to the finish you want a radiator to have (remember, finish refers to the sheen and not just colour).


Radiators are so customisable these days that you can have something which matches the rest of the room perfectly.  If you’re someone who struggles with tying a room together, I recommend reading more about colour schemes and design elements with this post suggesting ways to redesign your home on a budget.

One last point to consider when understanding how radiators have become so trendy is due to positioning. Radiators were something seen as quite literally out of sight, out of mind. But when people are spending a little extra for a radiator that genuinely looks good, it just doesn’t make sense to keep it hidden behind a radiator or covered up.

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If you have a radiator which isn’t going to be seen at all, maybe you don’t have to think too much about how it will look. But if it’s the likes of a bay window, a radiator underneath a TV hanging on the wall, or a radiator that sits right in the middle of a prominent wall, positioning matters a lot!

There you have it. I better you know thought that thinking about radiators would be so important. Luckily, as they aren’t something you’d buy frequently, they are the type of home essential you can take your time with to get right, so make sure you do!

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Are you looking for more interior inspiration to brighten your home?

Then read this great little blog post on some of the top home interior trends for 2021. You’ll come away with at least a few ideas on shaking things up at home.

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