My Happy Fashion Style

My Happy Fashion Style.  

I have learnt over the years what suits me and what doesn’t…for a long time I was covering myself up in oversized lagenlook linen and although I love that look, I also like to have my own individual style too and dress in a vintage way but with a modern twist…vintage dresses, overalls and aprons with turned up jeans and Dr Martens is the look I like and have been known to go out of my way, trawling websites and the country to find my individual look.

Love this look…trousers, long tunic dress and this has a long jacket,
but this is where I would add a shorter one!

The Vintage side of Things

Being plus size hasn’t helped much with the vintage side of things, as vintage clothes were a lot smaller back in the day than they are now, but over the years I have managed to carve a style for myself that I like and feel comfortable with… I also love the 1940’s and 1950’s and bright colours…so combining the layering technique, mixing together a bit of vintage with a bit of modern is totally me!

I think as you get older and accept yourself for who you are, finding the right clothes and styles becomes a lot easier…I never kid myself about my size, I am a size 24 and have been for about 10 years now, However I hide it well…and lots of people have told me that I don’t look that size…might be because of my height, I am 5ft 9in…but in any case, I know now, at my ripe old age, finally!, what I am doing!

Shift dresses are my favourite because my problem area is my stomach…I don’t like wearing tops that are too short either, (unless they are layered over a long shift dress) I like them to at least cover my hips and if I am honest…I actually prefer them to be longer than that!  I always buy bigger clothes than what I am, especially if it is a top or a dress…I like it to have plenty of room rather than be all clingy and uncomfortable.

Click Here to find one of my favourite places on the internet for plus size fashion.

I love linen and cotton and try to buy clothes in those materials especially for the spring and summer months, the rest of the year I don’t mind a bit of man made fabric, especially Lyocell… that is lovely and silky soft, a very comfortable material to wear indeedy!

What is Lagenlook?
Layering your Clothes

I have also learnt the art of layering, I love to wear leggings or wide trousers (can also be done with a skirt, but I am not a skirt person!) teamed together with a dress or long tunic and a short top over the top!  I often see really short tops in the shops and see  young ladies wearing them with a skirt or trousers and they look really cute, but if you are on the bigger side or a bit older, the best way to wear them is with this layering technique…

Model no. 1

I feel this model is missing her skirt/trousers.  This is the perfect layering style, wearing a shorter jumper
like this is perfect if only she had remembered her wide linen trousers!

Model No. 2

Well she is missing her middle layer! as well as Model No 3 and 4

Model No 5

For me she needs her trousers and another shorter jacket or jumper…

yes you can also layer in 4 levels depending on how cold it is! and you can strip off during the day as it warms up!

The look above is really cute (and so is the little doggy), ok so she is wearing an apron, but it looks good! see what I mean! Someone get her some shoes!

This is where your Doc Martens can come in handy.

So just remember whatever age you are or however large , tall or small you are, this style always looks cool and will take you through from day into evening.  You can mix it up with vintage pieces and modern shift dresses, jeans and cardigans! try and steer clear of any black…go bold with colour that will make you feel like an eclectic chick all day long…

I also love Beyond Retro which is a Vintage Shop in the East End of London, but now they have a website! and a Plus Size section, How Cool! Click on the Beyond Retro Logo if you ‘fancy a Butchers’ lol! (cockney Rhyming slang for ‘Have a Look’)

Beyond Retro

All these pictures are from my Happy To Wear Board on Pinterest If you want to check them out and get more of an idea of the types of styles I like

Bye for Now,



  1. Rene
    28th June 2022 / 3:57 am

    I absolutely love your style. It’s what I’m aiming for, but truthfully, at 72 and short and chubby I’m a bit self conscious. Also, I realized recently that somehow my drawers and closet are filled with grey and black. About the only thing colorful are my socks! How the heck did that happen?! Thanx for giving me some inspiration.

  2. Dae
    17th January 2022 / 3:04 pm

    Thank you
    Fabulous and much needed new look
    Say no to boring clothing!

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