Pared Back Shabby Chic


I am starting to love a Pared Back Shabby Chic kind of look, Take this lovely ‘She Shed’ for instance! how beautiful is she…This picture makes me feel calm and relaxed and that is what I am looking for as I get older…I have been busy in my own garden this year, although the weather has been so extreme at both ends of the scale…I thought the snow in Spring would have killed most of my plants, but no! most of them came back and looked so beautiful they are so hardy aren’t they!…well that’s until the heatwave arrived anyway!


I love this picture…the pale cream of the dressing table against the white wall is stunning!  I have always been a lover of white walls, but I did fill them up so much back in the day…the white walls would disappear into a vintage whimsy haze.

All those lovely things but all in one place…my mind feels fuggled just looking at it all…moving to 2a has had a help in all of it though…I mean we have a modern grey door for heavens sake…so this crowded vintage vibe just didn’t feel right in this house.


It also reminded me of sad times in the old house, so going out and buying new modern homewares and mixing them with my shabby chic battered old furniture, really appeals to me at the moment…

…And the colour red? well what a love affair that was!

I think it might be the beginning of the end for the Colour red for me!…I am liking, whites, greys, blues and natural greens…we have a little bit of red currently…but I feel like I might have to change that up soon for more pastels! …But I will never fall out of love with fresh flowers in pretty vintage jugs…


What have you changed up lately…Have you had a complete u-turn in your own home style lately?

Please feel free to leave a comment below…

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