Our Mosaic Pot – Revisited.  

Well what a weekend that was! apart from the fact football is NOT coming home!…we have been in quite a lazy mood this week! its probably something to do with the heat and the humidity….but the weekend took a sudden turn!

I got up extra early on saturday and went with Rosie to one of our local shopping centre’s she needed to get a few bits in preparation fo her up and coming 17th birthday….we got there about 9.10 and were back home before 11 am…with everything that she had on her list 🙂 ….so the early bird definitely got the worm…

But after our good luck in the morning…I had a bit of a ‘senior moment’ in the afternoon, when Fred and I decided to go out and we left without taking the keys with us! @!*{$£@ Shuzbut!!! it was totally my fault! as Fred asked me to pick the keys up!…and like a ‘melon’ I refreshed my lipstick and shut the door behind me only to realise I had left the keys inside and locked all the windows! (cos I am paranoid about shutting windows!)….

We did contemplate getting on a bus! shock horror! £9.00 return to Gillingham our nearest shopping centre!…we also contemplated sitting in the garden…but it was sooooo damn hot – we would of fried!…LOL!

Luckily Rosie had gone to Margate with her friends and even luckier she had taken her keys with her! Phew! Rosie saves the day! but what were we to do in the meantime!!  well!….we also happen to have the most wonderful neighbours and they invited us into their house, where we sat in their garden…

They fed and watered us and we had a right old chit chat and a laugh…they really looked after us…they also have a pool in their garden and I was very tempted indeedy to get in it, but I saved them the ‘sorry’ sight! he he he!

…So!….a bad situation turned into a completely lovely day…and a BIG thankyou goes to our neighbours for your wonderful hospitality.

Today I awoke at 5am…how can you not with all the birds chirping soooo early in the morning…and it gets light around 4am! So I was up and out and off to the local flea markets….

I wore one of my ‘Happy loves Rosie’ bags and my shopping trolley to match…totally kitted out for bargain hunting 🙂 It was a lot of walking around for not a lot of clobber, but it was good for the exercise anyway!

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures I have shown you….they are of the garden in our mini heatwave (30 degrees in the shade!) and our lovely seafarers urn…that I had totally forgotten about!…we had moved it with us and had laid it to rest in the old outside toilet….I was clearing the garden the other day – when I remembered it was in there…

…this is a fantastic pastime to do with the kids…we used to take them to Shoeburyness, near Southend in Essex (we used to live that way about 10 years ago) and on that beach, all this kind of china washes up onto the shore, and we used to take a picnic and walk along the beach and pick up all the pretty pieces…some are more coroded by the sea than others….it was such a fun thing to do….and then when we had enough pieces we all sat and plastered it onto this pot….it is extremely heavy though! as this is a terracotta pot! but it is divine.

Another thing we used to do….was take paints (non toxic!) to the beach…Whitstable or Herne Bay (I love Herne Bay) they have pebble beaches there and we used to sit on the beach near the water and paint little pictures on the pebbles….you can while away hours doing this….I used to let Rosie and Daz choose one stone to take home that they had painted and they would use them as paperweights and then when we returned we would take the pebbles back….such fun and cheap things to do…..those were the days eh!

Anyway I had better go….I hope you all had a lovely weekend and you made the most of the lovely weather.

Speak soon my friends

I just thought it would be a nice idea to repost it…a blast from the past! x

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  1. That is well worth reposting, Happy! I love the mosaic pot-it is gorgeous!!!! xo Diana


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