Making the Most of Small Spaces in Your Home

Small homes have grown in popularity in recent years but it’s still difficult to know how to make the most of these spaces.
So whether you’ve got a small room you want to make the most of or you’re moving into a quaint property or bijou flat, I thought I’d pull together some good ideas as to how you can utilise the space with style.

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Be Clever with Your Furniture
Find furniture that boasts several functions. For example, a dining room table that’ll work well as a desk is ideal, as is a large sofa that’ll provide added sleeping space for guests. Other things to consider are small, stackable tables, ottomans, foldable chairs and collapsible tables you can easily store away. All of these provide the functionality when you need it but without eating up too much of your space.
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Equally, you can also get clever with designs. For instance, a breakfast bar in your kitchen is a great place to seat all the family for busy mealtimes but also provides additional workspace for you. Plus, companies like Cox & Cox boast on-trend stools that really bring a designer touch to the space (but they fit effortlessly away under the breakfast bar!).
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Add a Touch of Illusion

There are a number of ways you can create the illusion of more space, including mirrors that make a room look larger and see-through curtains or furniture that create an airy, spacious feel.
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Make Sure Everything’s Fit for Purpose

Sadly, small spaces don’t give you the ability to just add any items of furniture. Rather, each individual piece needs to have a purpose and maximise your space.
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A room can soon start to feel cramped if you have large, chunky pieces, so look at how you can break down the surface areas to ensure there’s plenty of space. For example, instead of a big circular coffee table, try two coffee tables side by side. You’ve still got the same amount of functional surface space but it feels less intrusive and gives you more room to move around it.

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Get Creative

Finally, as you’re looking at your small space(s), consider how you can make things work for you and your family. All this takes is a little bit of creativity.
Where can you add a quirky feature that’ll look cool but will also offer you more storage or space? A little alcove that doesn’t provide much space could be transformed into a bookcase, for example. Or you may even want to create a foldaway desk that hangs from the wall.
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Ultimately, when it comes to making a small space work, you need to use every nook and cranny available. And trust me – by doing this, you’ll create far more wow factor than if you just pile loads of furniture into a big open space. (which I have also been guillty of over the years!...hence some of the pictures!

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  1. Hi, Happy. I've been playing catch up with your blog. I'm especially loving watching your garden come together. It is so beautiful and the blue fence just sets all the flowers off. I love to garden too. We have a half acre and most of it is in flowers. You are an inspiration and I can't wait to read more.


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